The Checkerboard Guy has been posting lots of videos to YouTube, seems to have gone to Asia A LOT this year and wants you to join him Backstage!
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VOLUME 13.08.08 : August 8, 2013
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Recently Posted YouTube Goodness!

YouTube LogoIn the last few weeks, there’s been a flurry of action on The Checkerboard Guy’s YouTube channel. Three new videos have gone live that CBG Fans should definitely check out! 

"Few entertainers bring to the stage such style, personality or humour. The Checkerboard Guy is one of a kind."
—Shawn Farquhar
World Champion of Magic

Asian Jumping


For some reason (which even he can’t quite put his finger on), The Checkerboard Guy has been traveling to Asia A LOT during 2013!

Starting in January it was a trip to
Tsing Tao, China, followed by a trip to Inuyama, Japan, in April and May, then a trip to Fukuoka, Japan, in June followed by a stint in Beijing, China, and he’s just recently come back from the Pohang Bada International Performance Arts Festival in Korea.

Is he ‘Turning Japanese?’ looking for a ‘China Grove?’ or working on his ‘Gangnam Style' dance moves? Hard to say, but he’s certainly been jumping around a lot on recent visits to The Orient and this will likely continue when he sails to Muroran, Japan, and Busan, Korea, later this year aboard the Diamond Princess.

"If Alice had found The Checkerboard Guy in Wonderland she would have never come back!"
—Bill Girard, Production Manger
Royal Caribbean International
Backstage Website

Backstage Pass-tacular!

Backstage Passes

Official CBG Lanyards have been around for a couple of months now and were extremely popular at The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and The Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival. To step things up even further, a new backstage pass/lanyard combo was released at the end of July and made it’s official debut while Mr. Checkerhead was performing in Korea!


Spectators at the Pohang Bada International Performing Arts Festival were clamoring to get their hands on the latest ‘checkerobilia’ and those who scanned the unique QR code were whisked to a brand new area of the CBG website dedicated to all things Backstage. This area of the site will grow over time to include even more of the behind-the-scenes world of the man in black and white.


Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these official backstage passes? Well there are still a number of chances to grab one at a CBG live performance before the end of the summer. Enjoy The Checkerboard Guy at The Interplay Festival in Fort McMurray, Alberta, August 9 - 11, at the 25th Anniversary of The Waterloo Busker’s Carnival (he was actually at the very first one) in Waterloo, Ontario, August 22 - 25 or at The Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, BC, August 28 - September 1. Come on out and wallow in the FUN!

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