Special Recognition for
Habits of Mind School

October, 2014

Waikiki Elementary, a Mindful School, on the slopes of Diamond Head Crater in Honolulu, has embraced the Habits of Mind for over 20 years. The results have been remarkable. More than instructional strategies, the Habits of Mind are infused into the organizational norms and are shared by the instructional and support staff, the students and the community—they live the Habits of Mind. The mindful culture has endured through three changes in principals and numerous new additions to the faculty.


Current 2014 student proficiency and growth scores are the highest in the state and the school has recently received a financial award and honored as a “recognition” school.

- The Waikiki Ohana -

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As John Melton, fourth grade teacher, shares:

“One beauty of the Habits of Mind is that they can be applied in any context. Through our Waikiki Food Farm, we're always looking at opportunities to teach the Habits of Mind and apply them to real life situations beyond the classroom walls. For example, we have our kids write about how they're going to use one of the Habits of Mind out in the garden, and then at the end, write a reflection on how successful they were at using that particular habit during their experience. Another opportunity is when we send home harvested produce and ask families to post the recipes they create and journal about the habit they used in preparing the harvested produce for their family meal".

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