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Karioi Maunga - a Seabird Mountain!

Karioi Maunga ki te Moana project is A Rocha's flagship project on the west coast of the North Island situated near the small town of Whaingaroa/Raglan. The project although still small compared to the total size of the mountain is increasingly attracting attention from local and national seabird experts - with the discovery of a small population of Oi - or Grey faced Petrel. Elsewhere Oi have been driven from the mainland and so through habitat protection and predator control it is hoped that we can assist in the re-establishing of a mainland breeding colony.


Seabirds have previously been a significant part of the Karioi coastal forest ecosystem - with nesting seabirds over thousands of years fertilising the soils of this ancient volcanic cone with marine nutrients (Oi guano!). By protecting Oi and in the future re-introducing other seabirds - such as endangered Cook and Black petrels -there is the potential to restore a complete ecosystem - from mountain to the sea - transforming Karioi into a seabird mountain once again. Numerous volunteers contribute to this growing project each year - and A Rocha leads regular camps, retreats and field trips for local schools, youth and other groups interested in getting up close and personal with many of Karioi's unique features and creatures! If you want to visit the project or volunteer, then do contact us... we'd love to hear from you!

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Ten GREAT reasons to come to the HUI this Labour weekend

1. A chance to get 'up close and personal' and participate in the Karioi – Maunga ki te Moana community conservation project – A Rocha’s flagship project.
2. Hang-out and relax at The Blodge - awesome barn style accommodation and also the national base of A Rocha Aotearora NZ, and the hub of the Karioi project. It’s an awesome location!
3. Good healthy, nutritious KAi!
4. Catch up with other A Rocha leaders and volunteers from around the country who are passionate about caring for God's good earth.
5. Contribute to the “Open Space Forum” as we discuss ways to strengthen and grow A Rocha – have the conversations you really want and be energised by the questions, ideas, and thoughts of others.
6. Its Labour weekend - so where else would you rather be than on the rugged West Coast?
7. A chance to find out more about A Rocha in Aotearoa/NZ – our dreams, goals and challenges.  
8. Opportunities to let your expressive juices flow with plenty of creative space.
9. Workshops to assist you in your own local projects and communities!
10. It’s a bargain! $40 for 3 days with your A Rocha whanau/community - walking, talking, dreaming, praying, eating and practical conservation in a stunning location. 

How good is that!

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Plastic Free July - the way we were?

Yes we did it!
A bunch of us committed to Plastic Free July. We all basked in the euphoria of the achievement - we all suffered through the challenge - it was hard! - a few of us even attended Plastic Free Anonymous - weekly - just to get us through.
Here one family and their story of what Plastic free July meant to them ...

We were one household (from 5 permanent members to many additional members at meal times) - taking on the challenge of using “no single use plastic for one month”.
Some were more challenged than others – for example teenagers who like takeaways and instant noodles.
Some were more dismayed at how plastic had so easily crept into our purchases – those of us old enough to remember different days… not so long ago really!
Our shopping habits totally changed.
Pak and Save – tins, jars and whatever we could find in paper wrapping.
Vege shop – had to remember to take your own bags.
Bin Inn – became our favourite shop - but filling your own jars takes so long.
And now what?
Actually we have been challenged and shocked. We’ve changed!
We want to demand change from producers (we’ve started writing them letters about their packaging choices). And now - we still shop at Bin Inn, make our own bread, biscuits and yoghurt. We still have plastic failures... did I tell you about the old multi-used plastic bag that split when I was filling it with rice...?

My AKA has long been “vanlady” but its rapidly becoming “BAG-LADY”! ... Pictured below BAGLADY performing a waste audit.

If you didn't participate this year - we highly recommend doing so next year - or alternatively start TODAY by refusing plastic shopping bags, straws, plastic bottles and coffee cups.

Check out Plastic Free JULY

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