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What's New at Yavneh in Elul

Shabbos Drasha Series

The Journey

Shabbos Afternoon Series

Shemitah B'iyun

Yavneh Gala Dinner

An Evening of Chizuk

Special Scholar Shabbaton

Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Coming Soon

The Cities Collection

In the wake of the popularity of Rabbi Einhorn's "History of Orthodox Judaism in Los Angeles" series, we are proud to present "The Cities Collection: A Inside Look at Judaism in American". From Cincinnati to Miami open the vaults of Orthodox Jewry in this great country. 

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Join the Yavneh Leadership as we go into this powerful zman with excitement and awe . 

Daf Yomi

Moed Katan

Starts Thursday, 8/21

This colorful Masechta covering Chol HaMoed, Aveilus, and much more, comes to life at 7:00am

Tanach Hashkafa Series

Explore Hashkafas Tanach

Starts Shabbos, 8/23

The Mesora and Biblical Commentary is a complex subject; let's dive in this Shabbos at 8:30am

What is Yeshivat Yavneh?

Yavneh is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, intellectual honesty, and scholarship.  Instilling our students with fineness of character, respect for others, integrity, and the centrality of chesed in Jewish life, we continually focus on Ahavat Torah, Mitzvot, and steadfast support of Medinat Yisrael.  Yavneh’s vision integrates spirituality and modernity through a comprehensive, creative, and challenging curriculum using technology, differentiated learning, critical thinking, art, and athletics; enabling our students to flourish as community leaders and model American citizens.

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