Parshat Shemini (Birkat Hachodesh)

Parshat Shemini
Birkat Hachodesh
29 Nisan 5775
April 17-18, 2015


Hi there! I hope that you are all well. 

Pesach was beautiful here at Yavneh and I assume that was the case for all of our Yavneh families. The Omer represents a time of growth as we head toward Shavuos. This email features our new growth minded programming for the next 49 days. Notice our all new Pirkei Avos shiur before mincha, our special Yom Ha'atzmaut Shabbaton next Shabbos, and our spectacular Shavuos extravaganza. 
The season is also particularly meaningful as we encourage you to participate in two benefit events for Yavneh: 1) The Panopoly (see below), 2) The Annual Yavneh Banquet honoring our very own Moselle Hendeles (see below). I hope to see you all there! 


I look forward to seeing you soon, 

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn

Parshat Shemini
Birkat Hachodesh

FRIDAY, April 17, 2015
Candle-lighting: 7:08 PM
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 PM*
Topic: Something to Say at the Shabbos Table
*Mincha will be at 6:45PM going forward

SHABBAT, April 18, 2015

Co-sponsored by Dr. Bernard & Temi Monderer in dedication to their parents and in memory of Dr. Monderer's brother, Dovid ben Yechezkel, and by Buddy & Susie Salzberg in memory of Jack and Sima Salzberg & Jack Samuels and their lifetime devotion to Jewish Education.

Shacharit: 9:00 AM
All children programs begins at 9:30 AM

Rabbi Einhorn's Drasha: There Are No More Red Lines

Kiddush is co-sponsored by:

  • The Botnick Family in honor of Ashley & Zoey’s birthdays -- MAZAL TOV!
  • The Gozdzik and Hendeles Families in memory of Brenda Gozdzik's mother, Betty Hendeles, Baila bat Eliyahu HaLevi, and in memory of Moise Hendeles' father, Lazare Hendeles, Eliezer ben Moshe. May their neshamas have immediate aliyahs.

Teen Minyan kiddush sponsored by the Zisblatt family in honor of their son, Yoni's, birthday! MAZAL TOV!! 

B'nei Akiva: 6:15 PM

Pre- Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Einhorn: 6:15 PM 

NEW Pirkei Avot Series Begins!

Mincha: 7:00PM
Seudah Shlishit is sponsored by the Schwartz and Menlo Families in memory of Frankie and Judy's father's yahrzeit, Robert Schwartz (Shmuel Tzvi ben Ephraim). May his neshama have an immediate aliyah.
We will have special remarks from the Founder of the Beit El community Rav, Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer, PH.D

Ma'ariv: 8:00 PM

Times of Davening During the Week
Followed by daily Daf Yomi with Rabbi Einhorn
Daily Daf Yomi Sponsored by Esthie & Walter Feinblum
Sundays:  7:30 AM
Mondays & Thursdays: 6:25 AM
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 6:25 AM
Latest Shema: Week of March 15, 2015: 9:35 AM

Bolt of Inspiration - How Many Nadavs?
A Weekly D'var Torah from the Dean and Rav of Yavneh - R' Shlomo Einhorn 

Last night we commemorated Yom HaShoah. One of the greatest challenges of a day such as Yom HaShoah is trying to wrap our minds around the magnitude of what has been lost. Grappling with loss is a theme dealt with in this past Shabbos reading: Shemini. Aharon had to face the horrific tragedy of losing his children Nadav and Avihu.
In certain editions of the Yom Kippur liturgy it says that whoever sheds tears over the story of the death of Nadav and Avihu is guaranteed that they will not witness the passing of their children in their lifetime. R. Kahanamen, The Ponovizher Rov, asks how we could possibly shed a tear for this event after so many years have passed and so many other Jewish tragedies have occurred.
According to one Midrash, Moshe said that Nadav and Avihu were collectively greater than Aharon and himself. If that is the case, imagine how great, this generation raised by Moshe and Aharon, was. With that in mind, says R. Kahanamen, imagine how much greater the next generation would have been under the wings of Nadav and Avihu. The pain and sadness is not over the loss of 2 souls, as tragic as it is, but rather the magnitude of what has been lost.

Yavneh Announcements

Join us for a Special Yom Ha'atzmaut Shabbat
April 24-25 with Rav David Stav

Join us on Shavuot Night (Saturday, May 23rd) for
7 Shiurim given by Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn
followed by Shacharit at 5:20 AM

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PANOPLY is back!
April 28, 2015 at 7PM at The Mark
Dinner and Games: register at
Benefiting the Yavneh Scholarship Fund

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Samuel A. Fryer Yavneh Hebrew Academy
Cordially invites you to join us at our
2015 Annual Scholarship Banquet

Where will be honoring Moselle Hendeles for her lifelong dedication to Yavneh
and our faculty honoree, Lisette Ohana. 

Sunday May 17th, 4:30 PM

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Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, simcha, or possibly commemorating a yahrzeit?  Did you know that besides Kiddush and Seudah Shlishit, Yavneh now offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities; Children's table at kiddush, teen minyan for boys and girls, daf yomi, sponsor a Yavneh student for a week, or even a whole day of learning!  Please contact the office for more details at

Have any halachik or any other questions? Feel free to contact Rabbi Einhorn at or call (917) 647-8359. 

Save the Date

Apr 22 - Yom HaZikaron
Apr 23 - Yom Ha'Atzmaut
April 28 - PANOPLY
May 23-24 - Shavuot


Community Announcements

It is with great sadness that we inform the community of the passing of Eliezar Dovid ben Yosef  Zeitlin O"H. Beloved son of Pereleh Zeitlin, Beloved husband of Malky (Judy) Zeitlin, Beloved father of Bentzy, Dovi, Motty, and Shmuly Zeitlin, Gitty Brown, Hindy Hecht, Beloved brother of Shaindy Vider and Hilly Zeitlin (LA).
LEVAYA -Levaya took place erev Pesach 
SHIVA NY & LAS VEGAS: Took place before Pesach
CONDOLENCES: Hilly Zeitlin -

Dr. Leila Bronner's weekly shiur will resume on April 25th at 5:00 PM at her home, 180 N. Las Palmas Ave. The topic will be "Beginning with Samuel, Saul, and David these charismatic leaders of the Jewish People fashioned the unique spiritual history of Israel." All are welcome.

Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles Brings to us the Community Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut Ceremony. Wednesday, April 22, 6:30 PM at Beth Jacob. 
BBQ dinner available for purchase following the program

Join Chai Lifeline for the Indoor Soul Cycle Charity Ride and help send sick children to Camp Simcha. Monday, April 27th, 1:00 PM. SoulCycle West Hollywood
RSVP to Debbie Sassoon:

If you observe any suspicious activity call the SHOMRIM HOTLINE (424) 294-8273. LAPD Non-Emergency (877) 275-5273, To report a threat (877) 284-7328.

B'Nei Akiva:
Shabbat April 18th: CitySnif Saad meets at 6:15pm at Yavneh; Snif Shluchot meets at 6:30pm at Beth Jacob (walking groups LEAVE Circle Park at 6:00). Valley: Snif Lavi meets at 6:30pm at the Rodan home. April 22nd: Join Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles for a Community Yom Hazikaron/Yom Ha'atzmaut Ceremony and Celebration at Beth Jacob. Doors open at 6:30. For more Bnei Akiva info call: Eyal 310-220-1459 or Avi 818-442-8608
Moshava Malibu -- Make new best friends forever this summer at Moshava Malibu! Come to the Orthodox sleepaway camp serving the whole West Coast. Sign up today at or call 855-MOSHAVA

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