Parshat Va'era Schedule

Parshat Va'era
26 Tevet 5775
January 16-17, 2015


           Exciting Event Announcements

Hi there! I hope that you are all well.

The "Last Lecture Series" lives again! This Shabbos we are honored to host the Nikolsberg Rebbe for Seudah Shlishit. The Rebbe is one of the most open minded Gedolim that we have. It will be an honor to hear a last lecture from him. 
Once again we're excited to announce our "Weekend of Song and Food" on Feb 6 and 7 with Moshe Storch - the new Indie Carlebach Singing Sensation - and an amazing Chulent Throwdown judged by Celebrity Top Chef - Katsuji Tanabe. If you'd like to enter into the competition please email me at
Our annual Trustees Dinner featuring Tommy Lasorda is rapidly approaching. Saturday, February 7. Click on this link to sign up and support Jewish Education in Los Angeles! 


I look forward to seeing you soon,

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn


Parshat Va'era

FRIDAY, January 16, 2015
Candle-lighting: 4:49 PM
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 4:50 PM
Topic: Something to Say at the Shabbos Table

SHABBAT, January 17, 2015

Co-sponsored by Dr. Bernard & Temi Monderer in dedication to their parents and in memory of Dr. Monderer's brother, Dovid ben Yechezkel, and by Buddy & Susie Salzberg in memory of Jack and Sima Salzberg & Jack Samuels and their lifetime devotion to Jewish Education.

Shacharit: 9:00 AM
All children programs begins at 9:30 AM

Rabbi Einhorn's Drasha Topic: The Code Breaker

Kiddush sponsored by the Kehilla
Children's Table at Kiddush Sponsored by Tzeryl & Eli Ebrams in honor of Jacob "Coby" Fred's 2nd Birthday!  Mazal Tov!

Mincha: 4:40 PM

Seudah Shlishit with the Nikolsberg Rebbe sponsored by the Kehilla
Topic: If You Had Only One Speech Left to Give What Would You Say?

Ma'ariv: 5:45 PM

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Times of Davening During the Week
Followed by daily Daf Yomi with Rabbi Einhorn
Daf Yomi Sponsored by Walter and Esthie Feinblum
Sundays:  7:30 AM
Mondays & Thursdays: 6:15 AM
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 6:25 AM
Latest Shema: Week of January 18, 2015: 9:30 AM 

Bolt of Inspiration - Which Way Up or Down?

Some approach religion with the notion that G-d will come to them. My duty is to be, follow some laws, and eventually G-d will “appear” to me. For others, it’s a constant attempt at ascendance to G-d. If I do this, or if I do that I will “reach” G-d. The kabbalah speaks volumes about lower awakening vs. upper awakening, signifying that both positions together are relevant.
Let us take this a bit further. In the sefer Pas-shegen Hadaas, by R. Yitzchak Landau, he beautifully illustrates that even from G-d’s vantage point there are two ways in which G-d connects with us. In Va’era we read "ולקחתי אתכם לי לעם" – “and I took you to Me as a nation,” and we also read "והיית לכם לאלוקים" “and I will be for you a G-d.” The taking to Me, refers to the aspect of Judaism where G-d brings us to Him. The being for us a G-d, refers to G-d descending to the people.
Putting all of this together we come out with the following: we make a movement towards G-d, G-d makes a movement towards us, but that movement towards us can either manifest by coming to where we are, or it can manifest by lifting us up to G-d.
What’s the point? There’s a lot of coming and going in Judaism, but the key is that we keep the movement coming and going.

Yavneh Announcements

Thank you to Esther & Jacob Blaich for sponsoring Daf Yomi this coming week in memory of Esther's mother's yahrzeit, Toibe Frieda bat Avraham Chaim a'h.  May her neshama have an aliyah.
Mazal Tov to Jenny & Emil Fish on the birth of a grandson, Alexander Samuel, to their daughter, Monique and Robby Mogyoros!  May they merit raising him in the ways of Torah, Chupah, and Ma’asim Tovim!
Mazal Tov to Jack and Gitta Nagel on the engagement of their grandson, Adam Lerer to Nurit Lewis. Mazal Tov to Adam's parents Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Esther Lerer and Nurit's parents Dr. and Mrs. Hilel and Miriam Lewis and the entire family. Wishing them all many Brachos and only Simchos.
Mazal Tov to Gitel and David Rubin on the recent engagement of their son, Daniel to Talia Kugelman of Woodmere, NY! Mazal Tov to the extended Rubin, Goldstein, and Kugelman families!
Save the Date for the Hendeles Family Aufruf Kiddush on Feb 21st in honor of their son Zev's upcoming wedding to Lauren Rosenblum.  Mazal Tov!

Anyone traveling to Oahu, HI and more specifically the Disney Alauni resort, for Winter Break should contact Avi Heyman at to make minyanim

Please continue to daven and say Tehilim l'refuah sheleima for Yechezkel Ben Gita, husband of Yavneh Morah Penina Cohen and brother of Yavneh Morah Dassi Weiner.  The Cohen family is very thankful for all of your tefilos and for the tremendous amount of support from the community. 

In an effort to keep everyone informed and at the same time not having to respond individually to each person, we setup a twitter notification feed. If you have a twitter account, follow @Cheskycohen and you can choose to enable notifications in your Twitter settings. If you don't have a twitter account, follow one simple step to automatically get text message notifications from Mrs. Penina Cohen as soon as she posts an update. Send a text message to the number 40404 with the text: follow @Cheskycohen 

Link to the google doc (will not edit on a phone

If anyone wants to contribute money to the Cohen family fund (tax deductible) Write checks to:
Congregation Tifereth Tzvi, Mail to: Cohen Family Fund, c/o Kendra Fuchs, 12451 Albers Street, Valley Village, CA 91607

Join us for a special Seudah Shlishit Series
"If You Had Only One Speech Left to Give What Would You Say?"
With the Nikolsberg Rebbe this Shabbos, 4:40PM

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Shabbat, February 7th
All are welcome to compete! Limited to the first 15 participants -- sign up today!!  Email 

Yavneh Teen Minyan Take-Over
Shabbat, March 7th!

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Yavneh's Annual Family Shabbaton
February 27, 2015 at Beth Jacob Congregation

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Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, simcha, or possibly commemorating a yahrzeit?  Did you know that besides Kiddush and Seudah Shlishit, Yavneh now offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities; Children's table at kiddush, teen minyan, daf yomi, sponsor a Yavneh student for a week, or even a whole day of learning!  Please contact the office for more details at

Have any halachik or any other questions? Feel free to contact Rabbi Einhorn at or call (917) 647-8359 

Save the Date:

Jan 16 - 23 -- Yavneh Winter Break
Feb 6-7 -- Moshe Storch and a Chulent Throw-Down
Feb 7 -- Trustees dinner at the Montage BH
Feb 21 -- Kiddush Sponsored by the Hendeles Family
Feb 27 -- Yavneh Family Shabbaton at Beth Jacob
                               Mar 5 -- Purim Seudah at Yavneh, 5 PM
                               Mar 7 -- Teen Minyon Take-Over

Community Announcements

Dr. Leila Bronner's weekly shiur continues this Shabbat, January 17th, 180 N. Las Palmas Avenue at 4:30pm. Topic: Samson; A Man Born to a Pious Mother and Dedicates her to the Service of Hashem
All are welcome to attend.

A memorial service in honor of the Shloshim of Dr. Esther Lowy will take place on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 at 4:00PM in Sapper Hall. The community is invited to attend.

Monday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM - Join YULA High Schools for a screening of Jerusalem U's "Beneath the Helmet". Special Q&A following the film with actor Lt. Aviv Regev and YULA alumnus Daniel Rubin. For more information and to sign up, please visit or call (310) 203-3180.

Peter Faber is proud to announce the upcoming production of “TRYING” a poignant, yet comical look at the last year of Judge Francis Biddle’s life. The staged reading takes place at Pat’s Next Door on January 22, 24, 25, 29, 31 and February 1 all at 7:30pm. Drinks will be offered before the reading, dessert & coffee and tea will be served after the show. For tickets or further information please go online to or call Peter at 213.712.1000

Join Rabbi Einhorn at the AIPAC POLICY CONFERENCE! Policy Conference admission is $599 for non-club members and $499 for club members, register today.

If you observe any suspicious activity call the SHOMRIM HOTLINE (424) 294-8273. LAPD Non-Emergency (877) 275-5273, To report a threat (877) 284-7328.

B'Nei Akiva Events:
Shabbat Afternoon SNIF Program:  THIS WEEK Shabbat Jan. 10th CITY WINTER BREAK NO SNIF! VALLEY Teen Minyan @ the Rodan home, 5010 Otis Avenue, Tarzana. WINTER BREAK NO SNIFFor more Bnei Akiva info call: Eyal 310-220-1459 or Avi 818-442-8608. Registration for Moshava Malibu is going on now! Information and application available at or call us 855-MOSHAVA.

What is Yeshivat Yavneh?

Yavneh is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, intellectual honesty, and scholarship.  Instilling our students with fineness of character, respect for others, integrity, and the centrality of chesed in Jewish life, we continually focus on Ahavat Torah, Mitzvot, and steadfast support of Medinat Yisrael.  Yavneh’s vision integrates spirituality and modernity through a comprehensive, creative, and challenging curriculum using technology, differentiated learning, critical thinking, art, and athletics; enabling our students to flourish as community leaders and model American citizens.

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