Parshat Va'etchanan-- Shabbat Nachamu

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Parshat Va'etchanan - Shabbat Nachamu
16 Av 5775
July 31- Aug 1, 2015

Hi there! I hope that you are all well. 
The Kehilah dinner was a smashing success, thank G-d, we packed it in to O'Woks and left with a Taiko Drum induced headache. Thank you to everybody who showed their support. 
Tisha B'av is behind us and now we prepare for Elul. We have a whole bunch of new and exciting programs ready to be unleashed for Elul and the upcoming year. We announce our first new series  - Hilchos Jonathan Pollard - a 3 part series focusing on controversial issues that are stirred up in the wake of Pollard's long awaited release. 


I look forward to seeing you soon, 

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn

Parshat Va'etchanan
Shabbat Nachamu

FRIDAY, July 31, 2015
Candle-lighting: 7:37 PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 PM
Topic: Something to Say at the Shabbos Table

SHABBAT, Aug 1, 2015
Co-sponsored by Dr. Bernard & Temi Monderer in dedication to their parents and in memory of Dr. Monderer's brother, Dovid ben Yechezkel, and by Buddy & Susie Salzberg in memory of Jack and Sima Salzberg & Jack Samuels and their lifetime devotion to Jewish Education.

Shacharit: 9:00 AM
All children programs begins at 9:30 AM

Shabbat Drasha: The Redemption of Pollard

Kiddush is sponsored by the Feinblum family in honor of Esthie's birthday! Happy Birthday!  !עד מאה ועשרים שנה‎ 

Pre-Mincha Shiur: 6:45 PM  
Electricity on Shabbos--
Lecture Series Concludes

ponsored by Ira & Ruchie Smedra in memory of Ira's father, HaRav Mordechai Zev Ben Shraga Feivel

Mincha: 7:25 PM

Seudah Shlishit and Rabbi Einhorn's Dvar Torah is co-sponsored by:

Miriam and Hilly Zeitlin to commemorate the yahrzeit of Hilly's father, Yosef ben Shmuel a'h. May his neshama receive an immediate aliyah.

Murielle and Steve Uretsky to commemorate the yahrzeit of Murielle’s 
mother, Bella Hassan a’h, Yakuta Bella bat Rachamim. May her neshama receive an immediate aliyah.

Seudah Shlishit Shiur: Tu b'Av

Ma'ariv: 8:30 PM

Times of Davening During the Week
Followed by daily Daf Yomi with Rabbi Einhorn
Daily Daf Yomi Sponsored by Esthie & Walter Feinblum
Sundays:  7:30 AM
Mondays & Thursdays: 6:25 AM
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 6:25 AM
Latest Shema: Week of August 2, 2015: 9:32 AM

Bolt of Inspiration - Some Blessings We Just Don't Need
A Weekly D'var Torah from the Dean and Rav of Yavneh - R' Shlomo Einhorn 

"ברוך תיהי מכל העמים לא יהיה בך עקר ועקרה ובבהמתך" (דברים ז:ב)

Blessed you should be among the nations, there should be no barren females or males among you and among your animals” (Devarim 7:2)
One of the most notable non-sequiturs in history is the comment made by President Richard Nixon: "The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as in Sampson's time." I have no clue what he meant.
But, l’havdil, we can be equally puzzled by the nun-sequitur mentioned in Parshas Eikev. See the verse above. What does our blessing among the nation have to do with a blessing of fertility?
The Midrash (Rabba, 13) notes that Lavan blessed Rivkah as she was leaving with Eliezer “you should grow to thousands and thousands”. With such a Biblical blessing, why did it take her and Yitzchak so long to conceive?  The Midrash answers – “so that none should say the blessing of a wicked one bore fruits”.  My take away is that even the positive statements of dark and immoral people are always tinged with an element of self-aggrandizement. Their blessings aren’t even blessings.
Rav Mordechai Druk points out that we find a similar idea when it comes to Bilaam the Wicked. At first he wanted to curse Israel but when he saw that it wasn’t working he had a better idea, “if I bless the Jewish people, G-d won’t want the blessing of the wicked to bear fruits”. Rashi (Balak, 22:12) alludes to this idea when he says that “Bilaam knew the secret that his blessings are a curse for Israel”.
Now we understand our non-sequitur! G-d is saying: Even though you will be blessed by many other nations, many of whom have been your sworn enemy and live pagan and destructive lives, I don’t want their “blessings” to hurt you. May you continue to grow.
I guess some blessing we just don’t need. 

Yavneh Announcements

Hilchos Jonathan Pollard
Dates: Aug 8, 15, and 22
Shabbat Afternoon Before Mincha

Mazal Tov to Devora and Moishe Frankel on the birth of a baby boy! May they merit raising him in the ways of Torah, Chuppah, and Ma'asim Tovim and may we continue to be blessed with many more simchas!
The Shalom Zachor will be at the Frankel home in the backyard at 256 S Orange Dr. this Friday night. 
We would like to extend a Mazal Tov to the great grandparents Sam and Vera Menlo, Martha Frankel, Susan Katz, Moshe and Rachel Handler the grandparents Mechel and Miriam Handler, Steve and Sima Frankel and all the many aunts uncles and cousins! 

Thank you to Beverly and Carl Jacobs for sponsoring a day of learning at Yavneh’s Kollel summer program in memory of the yahrzeit of Beverly’s sister, Sarah bat Hershel a’h.  

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Annual Yavneh Kehilla Gala Dinner at the brand new O' Woks on Pico. Special thank you to all of our donors and to everyone who worked on the event!

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, simcha, or possibly commemorating a yahrzeit?  Did you know that besides Kiddush and Seudah Shlishit, Yavneh now offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities; Children's table at kiddush, teen minyan, daf yomi, sponsor a Yavneh student for a week, or even a whole day of learning!  Please contact the office for more details at

Have any halachik or any other questions? Feel free to contact Rabbi Einhorn at or call (917) 647-8359. 

Save the Date

Aug 8 - Seudah Shlishit sponsored by the Schwartz/Menlo families
Aug 15 - Kiddush sponsored by the Klaven family
Aug 22 - Kiddush sponsored by the Botnick family


Community Announcements

Dr. Leila Bronner's weekly shiur will continue this week, Aug 1st, at 5:00 PM at her home, 180 N. Las Palmas Ave. SUBJECT; Saul, in deep depression, seeks help from the witch of Endor, a necromancer; one who, with magic powers, could raise the dead to tell him what will happen to him in the war against the Philistines. Unfortunately the bells toll darkness and death for Saul. The only light is the moving elegy from David that sings, recording the past greatness of the first King asking, "How have the mighty fallen." Looking forward to seeing you. All are welcome.

Left|Brain Productions announces their production of “FLARE PATH” (Thursday, July 30th thru Sunday, August 9th, 2015) at the Pico Playhouse. The residents’ lounge of a hotel frequented by the pilots and crew of a nearby RAF station is a place where lips are worn stiff and tension is relieved by alcohol and banter, as a group of British airmen leave on a night bombing mission over Germany. Who returns, and who doesn’t, keeps the anxiety level elevated as we witness the human capacity for valor and bravery. For tickets or information please go to or call 213.712.1000

If you observe any suspicious activity call the SHOMRIM HOTLINE (424) 294-8273. LAPD Non-Emergency (877) 275-5273, To report a threat (877) 284-7328.

Bnei Akiva: Applications now being accepted for Madrichim and Manhigut for Fall 2015 - for more information call: Eyal 310-220-1459 or Avi 818-442-8608Moshava Malibu: Only TEN DAYS until camp starts- so excited to welcome all our campers to our new home at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center!

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