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Vol XIII, Issue I, Spring 2013




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Open Health Registry Report - Year 12
Both short and complete versions have color graphs which are not possible in the snail mail newsletter format.  Click here for the complete report.  For those wanting a quicker read, try the short version; it does not include the data on health screening tests or reproductive outcomes.  Remember that you can study the registry database content on-line  (by searches or by creating reports) after you have registered (register here).

Brochure - Introduction to BeaCon
In keeping with our educational mission, BeaCon has developed an introductory brochure for new puppy owners.  We encourage breeders to include the brochure with their puppy packs; contact Lynn Zagarella ( to request however many brochures you need in advance of your puppies leaving for their new homes.  Additionally, breeders could enter each pup into BeaCon's open health registry under the new owner's name and before the pup goes to its new home.  That process takes very little time because limited amount of data need to be entered.  Enrolling the pups in the registry insures that yearly followup notices will be sent to the new owners for those all important yearly updates.


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