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Official Newsletter for the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
Volume XV, Issue I, Spring 2015


Owner Stories and More

Rory - Drug Overdose

Tinker - AIHA

Ella - Suffocation

AKC CHF Health-E Barks Podcast Series
Review of Pet Insurance Programs

Board of Directors
Linda Aronson
Peg Caldwell
CJ del Valle
Karen Drummond
Judy Howard
Elsa Sell

President's Notes
Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO) and BeaCon's Effort. 
  • 2004 -  survey of multiple breeds (see results on p10 of this newsletter). 
  • 2008 - survey for Beardies developed with advice from SLO researchers;  includes possible trigger events that could contribute to a genetically predisposed dog's developing SLO.  Dr. Oberbauer at UC Davis began collecting DNA samples.
  • 2011 - analysis of clinical findings, treatments used, possible trigger events though none was predominant, and families with multiple SLO affected dogs.
  • 2011 - add survey for healthy Bearded Collies 8 years of age and older and request DNA samples for comparison between affected and healthy dogs.  More dogs are needed.
Here's what you can do for the survey component:
SLO DNA Research Moving Ahead.   BeaCon has donated $10,030 to AKC CHF for a project by Dr. Oberbauer which should be approved in early June.  Most funds are for the DNA research; the remainder, for administration and indirect costs.  See abstract for more details.

New Canine Influenza in the mid-west.  Info from a PWD list, with permission.

Open Health Registry.   The yearly report on 2451 Bearded Collies is now available. 
To update your information in the open registry at any time, log in here.

Owner Stories. 
Followup - Roxy (jaw cancer, see the Fall 2013 newsletter for her story) passed away April 18, 22 months after diagnosis.

Readers are invited to send their dog's health story and photographs for use in future newsletters.

Click here for links to past newsletters, both snail mail and electronic versions; there are more photos in e-newsletters.

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