Official Newsletter for the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
Vol XV, Issue II, Fall 2015
BeaCon welcomes a new member to the Board of Directors, Sarah Ritchie from the UK.  She has had Beardies since 2005, she has been Chairman of the SCBCC for the last 3 years and is on the Joint Breed Liaison Committee.  Her first judging appointment was in 2009 at Open shows in the UK.  She brings energy and enthusiasm for sharing and increasing the knowledge base that will foster health in the breed. 

This issue has a balance of owner stories (nasal cancer, Addison's disease, head shaking) and interesting articles (tech hints, contamination of human dietary supplements, topical medicine and the breeding animal, genetic consequences of breed formation, and UK Kennel Club information about genetic diversity in the Bearded Collie).  The latter two related topics are sufficiently important that we link them here: The genetic diversity of Bearded Collies in the USA is unknown.  BeaCon has begun a study similar to that described in the UK article above.  The source of dogs for coefficient of inbreeding (COI) calculations will be the AKC Stud Books from 1977 through 2015, thus allowing evaluation of the entire breeding population from the foundation on.  Ten generation COI's will be calculated and unknown sires and dams will be excluded from the calculation.  Unknowns are defined as the ancestors of the foundation Bearded Collies in the UK.  Any dogs with missing ancestors beyond the unknowns will not be included.  Time frame for completion of this study is estimated to be late spring 2016.

AKC Canine Health Foundation funded 23 research projects in 2015; the research areas are dermatology and allergy, neurology, immunology and infectious disease, cancer, GI, lung, musculoskeletal, opthalmology and reproduction.  To see the topics, click here; to see the abstracts, funding amount, investigators, and location of research click here.

BeaCon's recent auction raised over $1300 for research.  We thank those who donated items so generously and you bidders who outdid yourselves. 

Notices to update information in the Open Health Registry will go out by email later Jan 2015.

Happy Holidays.

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