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Official Newsletter for the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
Volume XIV, Issue II, Fall 2014



Owner Stories
Duffy.  Hip dysplasia and triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO)

Billy and JJExercise induced collapse


Paddy.  Unusual behavior after herding.

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) vs. Border Collie Collapse (BCC)

A Heartworm Scare

Allergies.  Linda Aronson, DVM

Breed Dilemmas and Extinction.  Dr. Carmen Battaglia

AKC CHF Health-E Barks Podcast Series



President's Notes
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Holiday Auction.  Below - a sample of ornaments that will be offered in the auction, starting Monday, November 17.


Owner Stories.  A September followup note about Roxy (jaw cancer, see the Fall 2013 newsletter for her story) from her owner, Rita.  "
Update. 15 months today and still going. Like the energized bunny. Takes a licking but keeps on ticking.  Continues to eat and we walk two times daily.   Sees local vet on as needed basis who agrees with me. Not time yet. Tells me I will know. But again he says she has a strong will and not ready to give up. She does refuse to take the tramadol for pain.  Will do what is needed when time is right. But we are so blessed."

Open Health Registry.  There are 2367 dogs in the registry; a lovely framed Beardie print is offered for dog 2400 if from the USA.  Otherwise, a more easily mailed print is offered.  Notices to update information in the registry are emailed in January.  Be sure your email address is current - to check your information, log in here.

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