Official Newsletter for the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
Vol XIV, Issue I, Spring 2014


Owner Stories

aNNIe - Probably Nasal Cancer

Bentley - Uncertain Problem

Erica - Living with a Rescue


Health Registry Report

Short Version
Long Version


General Announcements



President's Notes

The annual report for cumulative data in BeaCon’s open health registry is now available.  See the side bar for links to either a short or the complete version.   
Your aide continues to be needed for the SLO surveys.  The purpose of having a healthy control group is to provide a comparison of environmental, dietary, and preventive care with the affected dogs.  At least 100 healthy dog surveys are needed; there are only 22 in so far.  Surely some of you readers own a healthy Beardie over 7 years of age and have the time (about 15 min) to complete a survey - see the links below.

SLO affected dogs
Healthy controls dogs over 7 years 
BeaCon appreciates the owners who share stories of their beloved Beardie’s illness in this issue.  It cannot be easy to recount the happenings, yet that act of sharing can give hope to others.

If you have a topic you want to see in a future newsletter, let us know (
Have a safe and fun summer with your Beardies.




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