Ace Hotel London Shoreditch : Fall 2013

Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch : Fall 2013

We're proud to announce the latest addition to the Ace family, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, opening up later this year. In one of the world's apogees of creative culture, and one of our favorite neighborhoods on Earth, this is a new chapter in the Ace adventure that has us incredibly inspired. Rather than rehabilitate a structure with a strong heritage that’s seen better days, bringing Ace Hotel London to fruition involves re-envisioning a contemporary space that was inherently aesthetically-challenged — built without a strong sense of what or where it is, or who the neighbors are — and reclaiming it for Shoreditch.

We're elbows deep in plans and big ideas to offer Shoreditch — a hub in the global community of ideas and catalyst for art, design, cuisine, technology and culture — the kind of hub and meeting space this dynamic neighborhood and its visitors deserve. It's a project we're honored to be part of and to share with friends new and old.

As a special offer for A-List members, you can now book a room at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch for as low as £149 per night with code OPEN.

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Wednesday, 19/06/2013
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