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Jackpot! Recording at Ace Hotel Portland

Ace Hotel x Jackpot! Recording
During Musicfest NW, Ace Hotel Portland, Stumptown and Jackpot! Recording present free live recording sessions for musicians with the one and only Larry Crane (Tape Op/Jackpot!/Producer). 
It all goes down in the balcony above the lobby September 8 and 9 from noon til around 4pm. The seshes all got reserved like primo parking spaces in about a Portland minute. Sorry about that if you were hoping to jam. You can still stop by and soak in the dulcet tones of your musical sistren and brethren though. Our many splendored little town has no dearth of talent and neither will our balcony. Sessions are open air the better for you to hear them  we just ask you hold your applause til songs end. 
Here's the schedule:
12:00 - Emily Wells     
12:30 - Edna Vasquez 
1:00 - Death Songs     
1:30 - And And And  
2:00 - Fanno Creek      
2:30 - Radiation City 
3:00 - Donovan Edwards 
3:30 - Gary Ogan           
12:00 - Mission Spotlight
12:30 - Rebecca Gates
1:00 - Fen Wik Ren 
1:30 - Holcombe Waller
2:00 - Fault Lines 
2:30 - Pat Kearns (of Blue Skies for Black Hearts)
3:00 - Donovan Edwards and Ryan Heise (of System and Station)
3:30 - Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz
Later, Larry will post MP3's from the proceedings here for free download. 

Check it out on our calendar

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