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eye of the storm

Here's a video mashup I put together last summer while waiting for our house to sell. 

Before I'm accused of being a hypocritical peddler of doom and gloom, let me assure you that I actively participate in the stock market.  If you can learn risk management techniques such as setting stop losses, you have no reason to fear another market meltdown. :)

Dean as the too big to fail "vampire squid" - Libertopia 2011

what does freedom look like for you?

My life will never be the same because of a Rothbard concert nearly four years ago.  Umm... well, it wasn't actually the concert itself, which was definitely not one of our best, but the event our performance was part of.  I shudder at the thought of where my life would be now were it not for this pivotal moment.  It's even possible that I would still be... making music.

Let me step back a bit to explain that from a strict ROI perspective, making music the way I did, which was VERY time intensive, was a terrible investment.  Time is our most valuable resource because it is irreplaceable and I spent YEARS of my life writing and recording songs and then releasing CDs where only a handful sold.  Now I don't deny the intangible benefits of making music and I don't want to pass judgment on anyone else that chooses to spend their time making music.  However for me, because of the event I alluded to above, I gained a powerful clarity of purpose which revealed significantly more productive ways for me to invest my limited time and energy.

The name of this event was Libertopia.

When we booked it, I thought it was just another typical political event with a libertarian streak.  Only later, when they called me before we arrived to ask us NOT to play Ron Paul, one of the songs we were most proud of at the time, did I begin to realize that this was unlike any other event we had participated in.

So what was the powerful, life changing realization I took away from this event? 

We can live a rich life of freedom NOW.

Turn off the doom and gloom.  The people and institutions that we think are holding us back actually can do little to stop us.  We don't suffer from a lack of choice.  If anything, we suffer from a lack of imagination.

Do the hard work of figuring out what "freedom" looks like for you. 

If it's important to you, if your vision EXCITES you, nothing will be able to stand in your way.   

Nearly four years on, this empowering clarity of purpose has revolutionized my life.  I sold my recording equipment.  I shut down Burnt Records.  I quit my day job.  I sold my house and now, I've moved to the beach in Puerto Rico.David

I can't wait to hear what freedom looks like for you.

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