• What the New Year celebrations will look like? 
  • Deportation flight to Jamaica.
  • Help and useful information over festive period.

More than 137,000 people in UK receive first dose of COVID vaccine in one week.
Ponad 137 000 osób w Wielkiej Brytanii otrzymało pierwszą dawkę szczepionki przeciwko COVID w ciągu tygodnia.
યુકેમાં 137,000 થી વધુ લોકો એક અઠવાડિયામાં કોવિડ રસીનો પ્રથમ ડોઝ મેળવે છે.

Brexit: EU sets out plans in case trade talks with UK fail.
Brexit: UE określa plany na wypadek niepowodzenia rozmów handlowych z Wielką Brytanią.
બ્રેક્ઝિટ: ઈ.યુ.એ  યુ.કે. સાથેની વેપાર મંત્રણા નિષ્ફળ જાય તે માટે યોજનાઓ નક્કી કરે છે.

NHS long waits 100 times higher than before.
NHS czas oczekwiania 100 razy dłuższy niż wcześniej. 
એનએચએસ પહેલાંની તુલનામાં 100 ગણી વધારે લાંબી પ્રતીક્ષા કરે છે.

Leicester and Leicestershire remains in TIER 3.
Leicester i Leicestershire pozostają w TIER 3.
લિસેસ્ટર અને લિસેસ્ટરશાયર ટાયર 3 માં જ રહ્યાં.

Rapid coronavirus tests to be offered in Leicester hotspots.
Szybkie testy na koronawirusa będą oferowane w najbardziej zarażonych regionach Leicester.
લિસેસ્ટર હોટસ્પોટ્સમાં રેપિડ કોરોનાવાયરસ પરીક્ષણો આપવામાં આવશે.

All Windrush victims to get at least £10,000.
Wszystkie ofiary Windrush, otrzymają co najmniej 10 000 funtów.
બધા વિન્ડરશ પીડિતો ઓછામાં ઓછા £ 10,000 મેળવશે.
નવા વર્ષની ઉજવણી કેવી દેખાશે?

Boston 'The Orator' Williams-Jackson 

New Year’s 2020 is likely to be a New Year’s celebration like no other. As with many of our beloved public holidays, New Year’s Eve will look considerably different this year.

One of the most recognised signs of the New Year are the fireworks displays that erupt into life once a nation reaches 2021. This year however, there will be no extravagant pyrotechnics on the banks of the river Thames this year1. That means the usual 100,000 spectators will have to find alternative plans. In the past the fireworks display has been watched by up to 12 million people on television2, this year there’ll be another television spectacle in lieu of the usual flash bang display. The Official Music Charts reports that the BBC will be sharing a special New Year Eve performance filmed in Los Angeles3. The performance is part of wider New Year’s Eve scheduling that includes entertainment from Graham Norton and Paddy McGuiness.

If indoor socially distanced raving is your thing, there is a multitude of live stream offers for your entertainment. One such live stream party is the Hacienda House Party. The 24hour live stream house party ‘chases New Year’s Eve around the world’, don’t sound half bad eh! The event is bought to you by United We Stream Greater Manchester and will begin at 10am GMT 4. Beatport x Absolut NYE 2020 is another live stream for all the home ravers. This worldwide event bounces through 15 plus time zones and features DJ sets from world leaders and up-and-comers5.

There are concerns about gatherings that may not follow the government’s current tier system. Professor Susan Michie of the independent SAGE group of scientists advising the government during the pandemic argues that; the public is ‘planning the Christmases… planning their New Years’. In response she has suggested the government encourage outdoor New Year Eve parties – ‘a global database was showing that 95 per cent plus of the super spreading events were those that were indoors’ 6. This does not mean it is safe to gather for New Year’s Eve, Professor Michie recommends face masks, sanitizer and better social distancing for any outdoor event. So, if you are having a gathering indoors, be sure to follow your local coronavirus restrictions. You can find out more about the restrictions in your area via

For those looking at UK. getaway for New Year’s Eve, you might be in luck. Cornwall, Mayfair, Edinburgh, and Suffolk all feature in Country and Townhouse’ list of 14 unique properties available for rental this New Year’s Eve 7. The list features a castle, beach lodges and spas. Whether you fancy waving goodbye to 2020 from the comfort of your home, or from the comfort of a beautiful spa break – be safe, be happy and roll on 2021!

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જમૈકા માટે ડીપોર્ટેશન ફ્લાઇટ.

Boston 'The Orator' Williams-Jackson 

On Wednesday 2 December 2020 a deportation flight leaving the UK headed for Jamaica. On-board were 13 of the original 50 scheduled deportees. The deportation flight made the news but as lockdown was also lifted on the 2 December, the lockdown took the lion’s share of the headlines.

Detention Action appeared to lead a campaign against the forced removal of 50 people, in the hours leading to the flight, they reported ‘still finding people with no legal help, trafficking indicators and with immediate Windrush relatives’.

The deportation flight made headlines through its direct connection with the Windrush Generation. The Windrush Generation refers to Caribbean born British subjects who migrated from the British Colonies to England between the 1940’s and 1960’s1. Some of these people were deported back to the Caribbean after the government placed onus on the arrivals to prove their status, decades after their arrival as Brits.

The Windrush scandal began to surface in 2017 after it emerged that hundreds of Commonwealth citizens, many of whom were from the ‘Windrush’ generation, had been wrongly detained, deported and denied legal rights2.

The deportation on 2 December planned to make 31 British children fatherless1, a continuation of the effects of the ‘Hostile Environment’ bought to light in the Windrush Scandal Government review. The review in no uncertain terms states the ‘Windrush Scandal was not an accident’.

So what lessons have been learnt from the review? We know about the humiliation and trauma caused by the failures in policy but what of the efforts of reconciliation. Martin Forde QC told MP’s ‘there’s no doubt [deportation flights] that’s seriously undermining the process’3. It is acknowledged that not all of the deportees are of the Windrush generation, however the deportees have a direct connection to the Windrush generation3. Over 60 plus MP’s had signed a letter urging a reconsideration of the deportation flight, this was to no avail 4,5. After the flight had been conducted Labour MP Ribeiro-Addy tweeted "the fact that lawyers were able to overturn decisions in a single appeal betrays the lack of due process behind this week’s deportation flight."1

The Windrush Compensation Scheme was launched in March 2019, headed up by Alexandra Ankrah until her departure in April 20206. The compensation scheme had expected to pay out between £200m - £570m. In the first 18 months the scheme had disseminated a meagre £1.6m. In an interview with The Guardian Ankrah gives some detail about concerns she had within the Windrush Compensation scheme project.

“The results speak for themselves: the sluggishness of getting money to people, the unwillingness to provide information and guidance that ordinary people can understand.”6 She goes on to share that felt compelled to leave because the scheme was "systemically racist and unfit for purpose."7

Blanket deportations do not only affect Caribbean migrants but all migrants, especially those from the former colonies or current commonwealth. Since the issues raised by Ankrah have come to the fore, an inquiry has been announced into the compensation scheme. The first session is due to meet in December7.
Small victories are victories nonetheless. Public pressure led to the 37 planned deportees being allowed to stay with their children, their families and the communities they live in. It goes to show that as communities, much can change if we stand up for each other. The victims of the hostile environment policies have been overwhelmingly of African and Asian descent, those most affected by todays deportation policies are still overwhelmingly of African and Asian descent. Leicester is one of the most diverse communities in the UK8, as such the struggles of our neighbours, cannot be separated from the struggles of the community.

For more information on the Windrush compensation scheme please check out the following links:


Deportation flight.
Scheduled for day lockdown lifts.
Windrush connection.
Open letter signed by 60+ MPs.
More evidence on the continued hostile environment, Ankrah steps down from post.
  The scheme was poor and not fit for purpose.

ઉત્સવના સમયગાળામાં સહાય અને ઉપયોગી માહિતી.

Pawel Sternik

The Christmas period, pandemic and Brexit just around the corner can be challenging. If you feel you need extra support this guide is intended to help and give you an idea where to seek for help and advice.

New rules for businesses and citizens will apply from 1 January 2021.
Brexit transition
Brexit: What you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
Stay in the UK ('settled status')
EU citizens and settled status after Brexit
Help and services around the world
The European Union and the United Kingdom – forging a new partnership
22 Brexit need-to-knows
Citizens Advice
Advice about staying at home (self-isolation).

Help with everyday tasks from an NHS volunteer
NHS Volunteer Responders can help with things like:
-collecting shopping
-collecting medicines and prescriptions
-phone calls if you want to chat to someone
Call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm, everyday) to arrange help from a volunteer.

Claiming financial support under the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme
Coronavirus (COVID-19): what to do if you’re employed and cannot work
Test and Trace support payment
Self-isolation and treating coronavirus symptoms

Local food banks:
Information about local foodbanks.
Braunstone Foodshare
Leicester South Foodbank
Food banks in Leicestershire
Food Bank Citizens Advice
Abuse and violence:
If you live in Leicestershire, Leicester City or Rutland and you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse or sexual violence, there are many organisations and charities that can offer confidential advice and support:

Leicestershire Police   - 101 (Ask for a Victim Liaison Officer)
UAVAOpens  - 0808 802 0028
Women’s Aid Leicester   - 0116 283 2225
Leicestershire Citizens Advice  - 0844 417 1025
Men’s Advice Line   - 0808 801 0327
GalopOpens  - 0800 999 5428
Age UKOpens  - 0800 678 1174
National Domestic Abuse Helpline  - 0808 2000 247
NSPCCOpens   - 0808 800 5000
SamaritansOpens - 0845 790 9090
Sex Work
Sexual exploitation and abuse.
Free rail travel for domestic abuse victims extended
Domestic and sexual abuse
Women's Aid Leicestershire 
Police partner organisation support helplines

If you are in danger, always call 999 and ask for the police. 
If you're unable to talk, listen to the questions from the operator and respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can. If prompted, press 55 – this will transfer your call to the police. Please note that pressing 55 only works on mobiles and does not allow police to track your location.
Resources that gives practical tips to help manage feelings of loneliness, and other places you can find support.
Feeling lonely
Leicester Ageing Together
Epidemic of loneliness 
Mental health:
Advice and support for common problems like stress, anxiety and depression.
The NHS have recently introduced a local helpline for mental health information: 0116 295 3060. On this number, you will be able to speak to a medical professional who can advise and support you. This number is open 24 hours a day.
A Leicester based mental health charity for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups.
Coronavirus, bereavement and grief
Bereavement and young people
Supporting children and young people’s wellbeing
Every Mind Matters 
Young Minds 
Health for teens
Life Links 
Let's talk wellbeing 
Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project 
Time to Change
Samaritans Leicester 
Start a conversation, suicide is preventable
Get support from a mental health charity
Find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline (England only)
Rethink Mental Illness 
Struggling to cope? Text SHOUT to 85258

If you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, gambling there's a wide range of services that can help.
Turning Point 
Alcohol and drugs
Alcohol Change UK
Drink Aware
Substance abuse & addiction
Help for problem gambling

Get advice if you're homeless or about to lose your home, including help from your local council and finding a place to stay if you're on the streets.
Housing and homelessness support from domestic abuse
Help the Homeless Leicester 
One Roof Leicester 
Action Homeless 
The Bridge Leicester 
Leicester YMCA Homelessness
The Dawn Centre Leicester 
Homelessness Leicester City Council 
Financial support:
If you're in financial difficulties, you can get help and advice from the government, local councils and other organisations.
If you are experiencing financial crisis and have no funds for utility bills or food, you can claim crisis support.
Email your name and phone number to
Advice for Businesses
Financial support for businesses during coronavirus
Council tax and financial support
Benefits and financial help GOV 
Universal Credit GOV 
Work and financial support
Finance and support for your business
Business support GOV
If you're struggling with living costs - Citizens Advice 

Job seeking:
Resources that helps with search for jobs and prepare for interviews.
Help finding work - Leicester City Council 
Leicester City Council jobs
Civil Service job search
Leicester Employment Hub
Find a job GOV
Employment and benefits support

Support and advice for refugee and asylum seekers.
Leicester City of Sanctuary
Refugee & Asylum seeker 
Refugee Council
University of Sanctuary
The Race Equality Centre Leicester 

Leicester and Leicestershire will remain in Tier 3 from 00:01 on Saturday 19th December.

This is expected to be reviewed in 14 days. 
Let's pull together to bring the infection rate down.  
Follow the rules to protect yourself and others.  
Source: Leicester City Council, 

You can find out more about Tier 3 restrictions at:
View the latest data on cases in Leicestershire here:
If you have a story to share, get in touch via email:
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