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Olio Nuovo 2014

Timing &
Pricing Good News!

We expect to receive the oil around November 22, dependent on airline schedules.  All the logistics are in place and Frantoio Olivestri is sending the oil to the airport next Friday. As soon as we receive it, we will be working very hard to get your orders shipped.

Our website is taking orders now. Place your order to insure you won't be left out.  There is a very limited quantity this year, so get your order in now.

Pricing Good News with such a disastrous harvest? You bet!  Our price from Guido Vestri this year was up 25% -- and we are very thankful that was all.  Two things are working to offset the increase: the euro is in the cellar (now this is something we love!) and airfreight costs are down (have you check the pump lately when you fill up).  Consequently, your price for the 5 liter tin is up less than 4% and the price for the 750 ml bottle is exactly the same! (Because of the heavy weight of the glass, most of the cost of the bottles is driven by the airfreight).

That's right, even with a crappy harvest, we are doing our part to bring you delicious olio nuovo at a great price.

Come to the Festa!

Sunday Dec. 7th 1:00-5:00

If you live in the Bay Area, come to our festa for the arrival of the olio nuovo in our warehouse.  You may designate your order as "Pick Up," and it will be ready for you, along with lots of food, wine and music. And, go shopping! Everything in the warehouse is on a one-day-only sale at wholesale.  Check details and directions here.


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It is Time for
Olio Nuovo

We are Now Taking Orders!
We've Got Great Oil
Despite a Lousy Harvest

The olive harvest this year in Italy (actually the entire Mediterranean) can only be described as completely failed. You can read this article in the Village Voice that says, well,  “It Sucks” and was “crappy.” This article in Olive Oil Times titled A Harvest to Forget, says 50 present of the frantoi (oil mills) in Umbria never even opened, and those that did have quality olives increased their price by 75%. On top of that, the harvest in California this year was also, well, crappy. This, of course, is disastrous news for a company like ours that revolves around olive oil. As we move into the new year, this will mean higher prices for our restaurants – and then higher prices for all of us dining in them.
Over a month before the harvest started, Guido Vestri at Frantoio Olivestri told us of the situation and that he would not be able to get enough oil for us from local farmers for whom he always crushes. So, with our agreement, he acted quickly and secured high quality olives from farms in other central Italy locations - before market prices were set. For the first time, our olio nuovo will be a field blend with about 30% of the best local olives (Frantoio, Leccino, & Muraiolo variety) that were crushed when mostly green and some black olives. This is added to 30% oil made from green olives from Viterbo in Lazio (Frantoio & Leccino variety). Finally, 40% were green olives from Pescars in Abruzzo (Gentile & Leccino). Of course, all the olives were crushed in Guido’s mill.
Guido sent us two bottles via FEDEX so we could taste this oil, which a group of us did yesterday.  Darn it is good!  Very good.  All the freshness and excitement you expect from olio nuovo. It is decidedly calmer and less astringent than in past years, but that is expected given the situation. 
We are eternally grateful to Guido and his family for their fast action and we are really glad to be bringing it to you. There is not going to be much olio nuovo available eleswhere this year. 

The article in Olive Oil Times says you should stock up now on what oil you can find, and we couldn’t agree more because we don’t know how much oil we will be able to get after our shipment of olio nuovo.


Now is the time to reserve your order.
We will sell out!



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