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June 27, 2013
Our awesome workers and our beautiful Rattlesnake Pole Beans!


HHIF Islands Farms CSA is a multi-farm CSA offering products almost exclusively from the Lake Champlain Islands

Delivery Next Week -

The 4th of July falls on a Thursday, so we'll plan on July 3rd, Wednesday afternoon for pick up and delivery. Then back to Thursdays through the end of August.

  • 3:45 - 8pm at the farm
  • 4:30 at Regal Gymnastics parking lot

New Bags
Please remember to return your green CSA bags each week. Just leave them at your pick-up site. Thank you!

News from Health Hero Island Farm
Joan and Bob are here for the week from Maryland! We're so happy to have them here on the farm. Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating with us. Oh the rain! Too much all at once. We had opportunities to get into the garden before it got totally muddy, but now there's not a lot we can do. We're hoping for an abundance of sunshine to dry out the fields.

Our part-time helpers have been wonderful! Natalie and Emily have been weed demons! They're almost through the second weeding of our 200 foot long three feet wide carrot row. We also have a new addition to our team this week, J, Hannah and Eric's oldest nephew, here to work for a couple of weeks. Joan and J tackled the carrot row right behind our weeders with straw mulch. It's looking great!

Other terrific news this week is the arrival of most of our red cedar posts, harvested right here on the Islands. These will be used to build our permanent high tensile electric perimeter fence in the coming weeks. We've started to peel the lower 4 feet of each post. That takes some time and technique. J has worked out a way to get the job done fairly quickly. We've all helped out some including Madeleine and Calvin (see the photos below).

Our seedlings are looking great! Another week or two and they'll be planted out in the garden. I can't wait! I'm personally looking forward to our own first kale.

Jesse was away most of the week, recharging at a friend's wedding. We're looking forward to his return and enjoying his mellow energy around the house and the farm.

We're now holding Farm Tours Mondays at 9:00AM. We share some of our history with you, offer some information about the kind of farming we're doing, take you on a walking tour when you get dirty in the garden (if you choose), meet the chickens hands-on, and enjoy a garden tasting. We hope you'll join us one day!
Admission is $5 per person with children 10 and under free.

In the meantime, visit
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Health Hero Island Farm is a four farmer operation: Eric and Hannah Noel and Joan Falcao and Bob Fireovid. HHIF is producing some food for our Islands Farms CSA, but is also bringing other area farms together to create our first multi-farm year-round CSA.

Coming soon: Interviews with each of the Islands Farms farmers! What do you want to know? Email us or post a question on our Facebook page and we'll include your question!

Clockwise from top left: Bob weeding the squash hills by hand; Joan weeding the squash hills and in between with a stirrup hoe; Madeleine working with her cousin J to peel a red cedar post; Calvin serious about his work getting started peeling a cedar post.
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The Noels
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This week: pea tendrils (pea shoots) and100% grass-fed organic beef - high end steaks (for year-round members)
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Simple and Delicious Baby Bok Choy

Grilled Baby Bok Choy
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This week, add pea tendrils to your salad. They're also great in stir fry and soups!
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Garlic Scape Recipes (those funny curly things)
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This season: Organic Cheeses
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*(no cheese producers in the Islands)
Swiss Chard Casserole
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Use garlic scapes as you would use garlic. They have a wonderful mild garlic taste and are even delicious raw.
For more recipes and with any questions about the contents of your share, please contact Hannah at or (802) 378-5194.
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