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Founder Weekly

Welcome to issue 564 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

Tension: why product development requires balancing conflicting goals
This article describes the simple language I use to describe product development: opportunity, output, outcome, and impact. But more importantly it describes the tensions and unexpected implications in the model.

The End of Narrative-Only Deep Tech Companies
Why narratives are no longer king, how commercialization expectations are changing, and what deep tech founders should do in 2023.

The 2022 McKinsey at Global Payments Report
The McKinsey 2022 Global Payments Report presents a detailed analysis of the 2021 results and the insights they reveal, including regional and country-level nuances. The report’s later chapters offer perspectives on areas where payments leaders’ actions will help determine market share shifts and the role of payments in the broader financial ecosystem.

Marketing, Sales and PR

Your Guide To A PLG Org
Any successful PLG organization is dependent on a core PLG team that ensures the motion runs effectively. What is Snyk's magic behind PLG?

Letting Product Guide GTM Sequencing
Reaping the rewards of a product portfolio and indexing your market.

How to Use HARO (And Alternatives) to Get Killer Backlinks
Unlike most link building tactics, HARO (and alternatives) is excellent for generating high-quality backlinks and press mentions. Learn how.

Money and Finance

Venture Capital Red Flag Checklist 
Here are a group of things to watch out for if you want to avoid FTX like situations. Corporate malfeasance is an ugly game that is best avoided. 

Startup Restructuring 101
Because your lifeblood, Revenue and Funding, are drying up.

How to Raise Venture Capital with Poor Customer Retention
Even if a startup’s customer retention is off the mark, the company can still be positioned as an attractive investment and go on to raise venture capital.

Tips, Tools and Services

How to Present an Operating Plan to your Board
This post has gives you some ideas on how to better present your next operating plan to your board.

Building Company Culture in a Complicated World
Now, after more than two years of disruption, companies are no longer simply trying to cope. They’re contemplating the future of work and developing new strategies to adjust to the realities of hybrid or remote work environments. Leaders of companies at all stages are grappling with a central question: how do you build a cohesive team and cultivate culture in this new normal?
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