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Founder Weekly

Welcome to issue 553 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

What Basic Game Theory Teaches Us About Startups
Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel discuss the problems with zero sum games within tech culture. Is your startup making a positive impact on the world or are your business practices a net negative in society?

4 Major Problems With The Lean Startup Methodology
Recently, startup veterans have identified four core challenges with the Lean Startup. Let's break each of those down & look at a more effective methodology. 

Our Cities Have an API Problem. Startups Can Fix It.
What if we viewed America’s cities as technological systems? Startups need to compete directly with legacy cities to offer better Land Use APIs.

Marketing, Sales and PR

Don't Let Growth Hurt Your Margins
A 4-Step Pricing Framework to Build Products With Scalable Unit Economics.

Your guide to price testing
Five pricing insights every PLG company needs to know.

Money and Finance

The State of The Fundraising & Startup Market
Tomasz Tunguz, a managing director at Redpoint, presents an overview of the current fundraising market.

Founder's Choice VC Rankings Revealed
Union Square Ventures, Bowery Capital top the ranking. Sequoia ranks 11. Andreessen Horowitz ranks 339.

Startups of the Week

AI call partner that reads body language on your sales calls. Read the room on Zoom and close more deals.

Where remote teams work better, together. Kosy is a virtual space for remote teams to work as if they were together in person.

Tips, Tools and Services

The IKEA Effect - Why people fall in love with their own ideas
This article explains when and why the IKEA effect emerges and introduces four ways you can defend against it.

Design Partner Agreement
A contract to help startups onboard their earliest users and customers while protecting their intellectual property.
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