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Founder Weekly

Welcome to issue 555 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

Inside Pollen’s Collapse: “$200M Raised” but staff unpaid - Exclusive
Exclusive details about the collapse of the formerly high-flying startup. Could tech employees have known sooner they were on a sinking ship?

What I've Learned from Users
In his latest essay, Paul Graham shares what he’s learned from YC’s users.

DAOs are not corporations
Where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters.

Did We Overeat on Software?
Lumos CEO Andrej Safundizc explains why companies that use software wisely have a competitive advantage over those that blindly consume it.

Marketing, Sales and PR

How Notion Grows
What we can learn about product-led and community-led growth strategies from a $10bn SaaS startup.

12 psychological triggers to *ethically* market products & strategically craft viral content
Psychology is the ultimate writing cheat-code. But, most people never use it – because no one ever taught them how. 

How Supermetrics grew to €50M+
Behind-the-scenes of Supermetrics’ PLG engine – and what comes next.

Money and Finance

How to Build a Financial Model at a Seed Stage Company
In this post, I’ll lay out an approach to building a credible, yet ambitious financial plan that you can use not just for fundraising but to also manage your b2b software business from your Seed round to Series A.

Funding When Capital Isn’t Cheap
When capital becomes more expensive, how do you evaluate and decide on the best financing option for your company?

Startups of the Week

Investing in Farmland. Simplified. Diversify with an asset with an average 11.0% annual return.

AI-powered stock photos. Find exactly the image you need. And if it doesn't exist, we'll create it for you instantly.

Tips, Tools and Services

How Product Strategy Fails in the Real World — What to Avoid When Building Highly-Technical Products
Why does strategy tend to stall when the rubber hits the road? Nate Stewart, Chief Product Officer of Cockroach Labs, shares an essential guide for creating a resilient strategy that’s still standing next year.

Own Your Calendar: How to Run 4 Types of 1:1 Meetings
Not all 1:1s are made equal, but most of us treat them as a monolith. There are 4 main types of 1:1s, each with its own intended goal or outcome. Here's how to run each type of meeting and make the best use of your time together.
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