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Welcome to issue 562 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

11 Worst Founder Traits That Lead To Failure
Being in venture for over a decade I have met some truly incredible founders. I’ve also met and worked with founders who had bad traits, traits that led to failure. Here are the worst ones I observed.

Bringing DeFi Lending Mainstream
DeFi lending will be a key driver behind taking crypto mainstream. Learn about its fundamental advantages over traditional rails for lending.

Reasonable FOMO
A more competitive market means a stronger need for unsustainable incentives and more "dumb" bets by smart investors. Here's how to make the most of it.

Marketing, Sales and PR

2022 SaaS Benchmarks Report
The 2022 SaaS Benchmarks report enables founders to compare themselves against their peers across metrics that matter. 

How to Calculate Net Dollar Retention
Net Dollar Retention is an important operating and investor SaaS metric. Learn how to calculate NDR and benchmark your SaaS business.

Tips, Tools and Services

Mental Models to Help You Cut Your Losses
When should you hold and when should you fold? Use this set of decision-making tools to help you identify when it’s time to move on and find the courage to do so. 

Stop Hiring for Culture. It’s Harming Your Business.
How many times have you been in an interview process when someone asks the question: “Will they fit in here?” Is there an objective way to answer that? The question of fit is based on careful business choices. It’s based on emotion, and we all know hiring isn’t a decision we should make emotionally.
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