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Welcome to issue 556 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

Problem Discovery for Calm SaaS Businesses
If you want to build a business by selling a product that people genuinely need, your solution needs to solve a critical problem that your prospective customers are willing to pay for—a problem so obvious and painful that they can't help subscribing to your SaaS. The process of problem discovery is your pathway to finding that problem — it’s one of the most important and, unfortunately, often massively overlooked steps in building a business. Continue reading Problem Discovery for Calm SaaS Businesses.

Outdated vs. Complete
In defense of apps that don’t need updates.

The New Creator Playbook: Jumpstarting Communities Through Tokens
Web3 is inverting the online creation model.

Co-Founding Considered Harmful
I’ve come to view the idea that you absolutely need a co-founder as one of the most harmful memes in Silicon Valley. It’s probably killed more companies than any other misconceptions out there. Instead, I think one should go solo if they can, and only get a co-founder if they are absolutely sure that they found the perfect one. 

Getting Started With Stable Diffusion: A Guide For Creators
Everything you need to know to jump right into AI content generation, without breaking the bank

Solo founder dilemma; CEO or CTO? 
Choosing to be the CEO or CTO after raising a seed round.

Marketing, Sales and PR

Calendly—The Viral Freemium Product with a $3B Valuation
In this case study, we’re going to explore how the product-led growth model built the foundation for Calendly’s assent, as well as the way their marketing team builds off this growth framework to ensure the company is positioned for success well into the future.

How to Grow Faster With (Near) $0 CAC
Kyle Poyar provides real-life examples of successful product-led growth companies and the 11 rules on how to grow faster with (NEAR) $0 CAC.

How to get your marketing team to drive more impact
GACCS: A framework for aligning your marketing, product, and sales teams.

Money and Finance

The Most Important Concept of 2022’s Startup Downturn is Not Just Surviving, But Staying “Default Investable”
“Default alive” is nice for knowing how long you can pay your rent but “default investable” means you know when and how you’re going to get more capital into the company. As a CEO, that’s where you start.

Directional Valuation
Finding accuracy in a world of low precision.

An Early Investor's Postmortem of The Wing
A thoughtful piece about what went wrong at The Wing.

Startups of the Week

Get paid to learn. Short-form video and carousel content that earns rewards and NFTs.

Oso Cloud
Oso is a batteries-included system for authorization. Drop Oso Cloud into your apps to quickly add roles, sharing, fine-grained access, or any other access model you can think of.
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