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Founder Weekly

Welcome to issue 554 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

Advantages Of A First-Time Founder
Step inside the Group Partner Lounge to hear Y Combinator Group Partners Harj Taggar, Michael Seibel and Brad Flora discuss the advantages of being a first-time founder and the instances when it pays to have experience founding a startup in the past.

Zeigarnik Effect
Learn what the Zeigarnik Effect is and how to apply it to improve your product without relying on unethical dark patterns.

The Mechanics of Unbundling Part II - Platform Dimensionality
A Deep Dive Into How Horizontal Platforms Truly Become Unbundled.

Embedded Finance: What It Takes to Prosper in the New Value Chain
As this market expands, success will hinge on rethinking the risk and brand calculus, embracing different integration models, and understanding where to play.

Marketing, Sales and PR

Topline Growth & Operational Efficiency
The data behind scaling a B2B SaaS business.

Case Study AI content punished by the HCU update
Google's HCU update punished low-quality AI content after all. This case study shows why and how to detect it.

Money and Finance

What Does the Post Crash VC Market Look Like?
Our conclusion was that this isn’t a temporary blip that will swiftly trend-back up in a V-shaped recovery of valuations but rather represents a new normal on how the market will price these companies somewhat permanently. We drew this conclusion after a meeting we had with Morgan Stanley where they showed us historical 15 & 20 year valuation trends and we all discussed what we thought this meant.

Uncharted waters: what startups can learn from pirates about compensation 
Pirate crews developed a surprisingly similar approach to compensation in the 17th century. Just like many startups, they also balanced equity incentives with other mechanisms that would be familiar to a startup employee today, such as bonuses. These surprising similarities offer an interesting frame through which we can reflect on why startup equity and bonuses are structured the way they are. We can learn a lot about the theory of compensation in modern companies by looking at how pirates designed incentives to organize and motivate their work.

Startups of the Week

Personal workspace favored by creatives. Organize your ideas & projects visually.

The RealTime AI assistant that helps #sales teams save time on busywork and Winn more deals.

Tips, Tools and Services

How to hire and build your cybersecurity team
Netflix’s former InfoSec leader Jason Chan offers early stage founders six "green flags" to look out for when hiring and building cybersecurity teams that truly make an impact.
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