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Founder Weekly

Welcome to issue 563 of Founder Weekly. We have a packed issue this week. Enjoy it!

How to Get and Evaluate Startup Ideas
YC Group Partner Jared Friedman shares a framework for how to get and evaluate startup ideas. He shares many examples of YC companies and the inside stories of how they came up with the ideas that turned into billion dollar companies. Even if you have an existing idea, this talk helps founders confirm that their idea is good and/or provide a framework for a future pivot.

Hard Reset
Or, How Not to Drive Your Company Off A Cliff.

Changing times (or, why is every layoff 10-15%?)
Changing economic markets suggests a shift in how some companies should operate, as well as what risks to assume for 2023.

The Age of Acquisition
Consolidation Is Coming In 2023.

How to Build a Deeptech Product
Building products is hard - building deeptech products is harder. In this essay, I've put together my learnings from building a deeptech company + advising 100+ deeptech founders.

Marketing, Sales and PR

How Etsy Grows
Lessons on kickstarting and growing a marketplace from Etsy’s $14b handmade empire.

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2022? It Depends
Link building is hard, time consuming, and often soul-destroying. This is why many people turn to buying backlinks. But if you’ve been offered links in exchange for money, should you do it? Is it worth the price? Or will it be a waste of money? Let’s take a look at the facts.

The Founder's Guide to B2B Sales
Everything a Founder/CEO needs to know about building and managing a B2B sales team.

Money and Finance

BaseTemplates for your Pitch Decks!
You are raising money for your startup but don’t know how to build your pitch deck? Just use the BaseTemplates Pitch Deck Template to build your own investor-ready deck in no time. The structure of the deck is based on the most successful pitch decks and you can choose from 100 slide & design options. 

Getting start-ups started faster
Start-up license template could reduce university-VC negotiation time 80%.

The 3 Types of VC Bridge Rounds: 0x, 1x and 10x
So there’s a lot of angst in VC today.  And a lot of it is around bridge rounds.  What’s a bridge round? Let’s break down what happens in practice. 

How to turn investor updates into investor dollars
Regularly sharing news about your startup is a powerful way to get your best shot at the funding you need. It might even help you understand your own business better.

Startups of the Week

Designed by developers for developers ApyHub is a platform that is used for the discovery and consumption of software utility services (Apy’s) with the ultimate goal of building leaner applications, faster.

Mailchain is the communication layer for web3. It makes it possible for people to communicate in a crypto-native way. 

Tips, Tools and Services

Management Lessons From Elon's Twitter
It's been a wild week in Twitter land, as Elon has grabbed the controls of the plane not with the detached cool of Han Solo, but something more like the wild-eyed, manic smile of Cyrus the Virus in Con Air. We're here to offer some thoughts on why some of what Elon is doing might make sense – and also why some of his moves really are as crazy as they look.

12 Ways to Utilize Other Departments in User Research
Real-world examples of design teams collaborating with other departments in user research.

Annual Planning in Uncertain Times: 6 Tactics for Rethinking Your Company’s End-of-Year Exercise
We’ve combed the extensive Review archives for a timely roundup of the most unique advice for end-of-year strategic planning. Leaders like Lenny Rachitsky, Nels Gilbreth, Jeff Lawson, Annie Duke, Ravi Mehta and more share the inventive frameworks they lean on for this annual exercise. 

Now, Next, and At Exit: The Three Ways To Evaluate Compensation Before Accepting That New Startup Job
Salary Benchmarks Are Just a Single Piece of Data.
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