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Barbara Kite


Einstein Picture/Quote


How important is this statement to speakers?


Ask yourself how much time do you spend in your intuitive mind and how much in the rational mind? It's time to reclaim your "intuitive mind" and learn acting skills. Acting skills will help you create powerful stories from the heart, heightened energy emanating from the authentic you connected to a message that will make a difference to all listening.

The "intuitive mind" will help you listen to your audience, individually and collectively, so you understand their needs more fully and their humanity more totally.


excerpt from the MANCOS TIMES (Colorado) January 25, 2012

FREE AT LAST - win-win

Listening From the heart

In my listening, I often see others - myself as well - held hostage to another’s response, expecting a certain reaction, then being disappointed, hurt or upset because it did not happen in the way we expected or wanted it to be received.

It is said that Lincoln spent two-thirds of his time in repairing a speech with his thinking about the audience, their interests, their concerns, their likes and dislikes. Few could question his eloquence and capacity to deliver a poignant persuasive message.

Do we practice the “Platinum Rule” - treating others the way THEY wish to be treated – in our communications with them? Are they not a customer of our message? When we - when I – communicate with another, have we made a great effort to understand them, have empathy for them, see them as our audience and speak to them on their terms and listen to them on their terms as well? Do I put twice as much effort into “getting” who they are, their needs and desires, than I do in thinking through my message and worrying only about my agenda?

Do I seek out the “no” and want to explore the “no” to bring about better truth and clarity with another? When another says “no” or disagrees, this is unquestionably an authentic response on their part, far better than a pandering positive “yes” or an insincere agreement to follow up. So when we get the “no”, this is a great stepping stone in addressing their concerns with us. Are we ready to embrace their no and win them over so as to create a win-win with integrity and victory for both sides? Avoiding the “no” is the elephant in the room. Acknowledging and interacting with it connects us powerfully with the other and best ensures we are meeting his/ her needs as well as our own. ...

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"Creativity is an Act of Bravery"

My energy is dedicated to supporting the dangerous artist, the authentic speaker, and all other adventurers brave enough to go outside their comfort zone to explore the extraordinary that lives in them.

“There is a difference between hearing and listening,  and the distinction is anatomical.  Hearing is basic and physical.  Listening is complex and cognitive . . .  The process starts with attention and then extends into the complex cross-referencing of the brain, including memory, perception, images, thought, imagination, and consciousness. The pathway travels from sensation to feeling to imagination to thought . . .   Listening is an action.  It is an encounter with the world . . . listening is a creative act, and it can be an act of love.”
~ Anne Bogart

Tongue Twisters

Exercising your mouth with difficult tongue twisters keeps your mouth fit.

Here are a few tongue twisters from the book, Voice and the Actor by Cecile Berry, to work on at home.  Do each tongue twister EIGHT times, getting quicker with each recitation.

  1. A hot cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot
  2. Toy boat
  3. Red leather, yellow leather
  4. Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?
  5. Some shun sunshine. Do you shun sunshine?
  6. Lemon Liniment

Did you remember to over articulate, say each word separately and speak on your breath?
For More Tongue Twisters…
Julie Davis Artwork 
Artwork ©Julie Davis 1998-2012
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