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I first published this article back in July of 2012 and I am still advising my clients to use ISIE. It works for speakers, it works for actors, it works in your every day life. ~ Barbara

Use ISIE to Conquer Performance Anxiety

Let’s talk about nerves, fear, being scared of audiences as a speaker and as an actor.  There is an approach I’ve used with clients on such issues and I’d like to share it with you.  Turn I’M SCARED into I’M EXCITED. Days, hours, even minutes before you audition, or go on stage to perform or speak, – turn it around. It’s easy – I S I E.


Admit You Are Scared

That’s right admit it.  Say it out loud.

  • I’m afraid I am going to SCREW UP.
  • I'm afraid I will make a FOOL of myself.
  • I’m afraid I’ll FORGET what I’m saying.
  • I’m afraid I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH.
  • I’m afraid they WON'T LIKE ME.

Realize this is "old stuff" and it’s EASY TO  CHANGE.

Change to It’s Exciting

You have a MESSAGE and you know it will be USEFUL to your audience.  

  • Get excited about it.
  • Get excited about meeting new people.
  • Get excited about having a gift to give people that will make a difference in their lives.
  • Get excited that you have this wonderful opportunity to be part of a community.
  • Get excited because it WILL BE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

It works. Our mind starts imaging it ALL WORKING.

Fear & Excitement are Similar

Did you know that FEAR and EXCITEMENT live in the same place in your body?  The adrenaline rush is the same.  THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS YOUR LABEL.  Try this exercise...



Was there any difference in your body? Your heart races, you feel butterflies flapping wildly in your gut, your breathing intensifies, you feel a sense of heightened sensitivity as your eyes widen and your limbs quiver with anticipation. They’re the same. So focus on IT’S EXCITING!

Now there is more to public speaking, – vocal presence, authenticity, the construction of the speech. However, next to content, none of that is AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR EXCITEMENT and YOUR ENTHUSIASM. It trumps everything.

Julie Davis _(Kate)Don’t make the mistake of trying to calm this powerful Niagara Falls of adrenalin.

Your body is geared up for Fight or Flight and denying it won’t make it go away.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter you know you need a solid preparation before going on stage. Your physical being is as important as your vocal presence.  Here’s a quick way of dealing with this adrenalin rush.

Jump up and down or run around the block and recite  IT’S EXCITING (even if at first you don’t believe it.)

This physical action can make a huge difference. Harnessing this energy instead of denying it can turn a GOOD SPEAKER INTO A GREAT ONE.

B Kite Photo

"Creativity is an Act of Bravery"

My energy is dedicated to supporting the dangerous artist, the authentic speaker, and all other adventurers brave enough to go outside their comfort zone to explore the extraordinary that lives in them.

TWO STORIES – Matt and Jon

Matt is waiting to go on stage to talk about the new product line his company is offering to the public next week. He’s nervous. And that is THE MAIN SENTENCE in his head.  “Damn. I’m soo scared. I wish I wasn’t nervous. I’m going to screw this up.  He repeats this over and over again like a mantra that takes hold and digs in deeper and deeper.  He waits to go on and speak and his breathing is shallow and he’s shaking and his hands are cold.  He tries to take deep breaths but by then he has so convinced himself he can’t do this, the breathing is of little help. He tries to distract himself and thinks about other things.  He withdraws within himself in an attempt to escape.

Jon is waiting for his introduction about himself and his topic to finish – Sleeker Widgets for a Safer Vehicle. He’s been excited most of the day. He was so revved up about this talk that he went for a short run before coming to the convention. He’s been thinking about the speech all day, running over the stats and the story he’s going to tell, as the butterflies in his stomach flutter away. He’s been telling himself, They are going to be so happy to know there is a better widget for our product. It will make them feel we are the best in the industry. This is going to be great. I’m so lucky I can deliver this good news to them.” He didn’t quite believe it at first. He was tempted to call it fear...

[continue story]

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