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In the Style of "Purple Rain" by Prince

                   Guitar: Standard Easy
                   Keyboard: Standard Easy
                   Bass: Standard Easy
                   Drums: Standard 
                   Uke: Standard Easy
                   Modern Band Chart: Standard Easy

This week we are paying tribute to Prince - an enigmatic rockstar who could melt your face with his guitar, pull your heart strings with his crooning, and become a part of you with his songwriting. One of his most memorable songs of all is "Purple Rain." This song is a four chord song featuring the legendary I-IV-V and vi in the somewhat awkward key of Bb (Bb-Eb-F-Gmi). For the easy charts, we put it in the key of A, a halfstep down (A-D-E-F#mi). This is the perfect song to feature some soloists! Use the slow tempo as an opportunity to focus more on phrasing, feel and expression!
Teacher Tip: Stretching the Body and Voice for Singing 

In the first video lesson below, Josh King, the co-director of "Sharkapella", gives us a quick stretch routine to do before singing that is great for all ages. In the second video he shares a fun "stretching and yawning" activity that will be particularly effective with younger students, helping them to explore the lowest and highest points of their vocal range.

Quick Stretch Routine:

Stretch and Yawn:

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This week on the Hang!

Check out Ian's students performing Cherry Bomb by The Runaways!

Songwriting Exhibition 2016 
Thank you to all the teachers who submitted their students and teacher originals to this year's Exhibition. We are excited to listen! Keep an eye out for prize updates within the next week.
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Help us say thank you by sending us student thank yous for donors to be entered into a drawing to receive 3 credits for your classroom! To participate please email for instructions.
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