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Plastic Tractors
Newsletter 2012 . Vol I

Môreson - our family farm - holds the most special place in my heart. I, along with my three siblings, grew up here. The four of us spent years playing farmer on our plastic tractors, some of us clearly more genetically suited to this role than others. 

We lived by a few simple rules: if it was high it was meant to be climbed; if it was a fruit or looked vaguely edible it was meant to be eaten; and if there was even a ray of sunlight we'd still be out exploring every part of Môreson.  

The four of us have long outgrown the plastic tractors. I've graduated to real-life farming equipment. My brothers - Blake and Dane - have replaced man-made tractor noises with Courtnall Williams and Sons, an exciting new wine related business based in the UK. And my sister, Charley, our resident free-spirit, has somehow landed herself the temporary role of Administration Assistant. She's doing daily battle with the accounts and regularly slaying all kinds of general ledger demons. If you call Môreson it's likely you'll have a chat to Charley. 

When the four of us get together on the farm (which doesn't happen as often as we wish it did) we're reminded of just why we love Môreson so much. It is a place children spend hours splashing around the water features and exploring, just like we did so many years ago. It is a farm were familys' lounge over long lazy lunches. It is a winery where wines are patiently and lovingly crafted from vines that have grow for years. It is our home and we feel privileged to be able to share it with you.

Our 10% BFF Discount!

This winter I'd like to spoil our best customers and biggest fans. I know it's getting colder and the thought of venturing out to the winelands is not as appealing as it was a month ago. Heck I think that the mere thought of getting out of bed is one that should be banished, on a yearly basis, from April to the end of August. 

Instead of trying to woo you out to wine country, Môreson is bringing wine country to your front door. For a limited period we are giving you access to a super-special coupon code that entitles you to a 10% BFF discount on our wines*. 

This means that if you're into online purchasing (and I am personally a HUGE fan because I do love my magic piece of plastic) you just enter the coupon code when you're checking out. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to avoid all things interweb-like, you can contact the Charming Charley and organise to pay via EFT. 

The best part about this discount is that you can use it as many times as you want. You can even share it with your nearest and dearest. That is, of course, only if you deem them worthy ... 

The coupon code you need to enter online or send through to Charley when you purchase is: nik_fri

Go on, use it. You know you want to!

P.S. The only wine not included in this discount is the 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay. In addition, our online store only presently delivers to SA based addresses. Oh schucks. 

We have only a few cases of our:

award-winning 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay

available worldwide. Yes, only a few cases of six available in the-whole-wide-world. Oh the horror!

This means that if you’re a Premium Chardonnay lover, and there are a lot of you out there (I’m married to one of the biggest … that is: biggest Premium Chardonnay lovers - please get your mind out of that there gutter), you need to get hold of us directly.

In fact why not give Charley a call right now on (021) 876 3055.

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and even Miss Molly is taking forever to get herself out of bed in the morning. In fact I think that, for the last week, she's been enjoying her breakfast in bed. I suppose that's just the way you behave when you're a star! 

What this all means is that this winter - from the second week in May until the end of July 2012 - our Tasting Room and Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant will be closed every Tuesday and Wednesday. Boohoo!

As I briefly mentioned in my preamble Blake and Dane have recently started up Courtnall Williams and Sons (LTD), a very exciting UK-based wine business.   

They offer all our private UK customers, their families and their friends a UK based version of our Môreson experience.

Their signature item is their unique and incredibly popular private wine-tastings. These are conducted in the comfort of your own home and they're crafted around your menu and your guests' unique tastes. You supply the venue, the cuisine and the guests and Courtnall Williams and Sons supplies the wine and some serious lashings of charm.

In addition to this service they also offer all our private UK customers access to unique Môreson releases, hand-selected award-winners from our vinoteque, VIP tours of the cellar on the next visit to Môreson and private tank and barrel tastings with our winemaker

Further afield Courtnall Williams and Sons are happy to make use of their long-term relationships with world-renowned Franschhoek establishments and properties to help our private UK customers secure bookings at the most sought after of establishments. When it comes to planning the ultimate trip to the South African winelands, one that's in-line with your specific budget and your particular tastes, Courtnall Williams and Sons is an ideal port of call. 

If you, your family, your friends or any other Môreson fans are based in the UK please let us know and we'll be happy to introduce them to Courtnall Williams and Sons

Alternatively you can reach them directly by emailing

In Love with Love

We recently got to be part of Don's amazing proposal to Lauren. He wrote all about it, it's an awesome read and it makes us sound far cooler than we are.

It is an amazing experience to be part of something so special. Thanks for trusting us with such an important event Don. You're a legend! 

To read the full story please visit Don's blog.

The Companion Fare 

This winter – from the 1st of April 2012 to the 30th of September 2012 - Le Quartier Français are offering you the opportunity to make use of their distinctly airline-like companion fare.

When you book one of their Auberge RoomsGrande Rooms, Suites or Four Quarters Suites they'll give you another Grande Room, Suite or Four Quarters Suite on the house*. So you can gift it to your favourite friend, use it to spoil your mother-in-law or randomly treat someone special.

For more information please email: or call (021) 876 2151.

To book online please click here.

* Consecutive two night stays only.Package is subject to availability and only online bookings. Terms and Conditions Apply.


Bread Making Course Dates

We always find ourselves inundated with requests for Tina's upcoming Bread Baking Class dates. So I thought that I'd head you all off at the pass by including all the upcoming dates below:
  • 19th of May
  • 15th of September
  • 22nd of September.
If you haven't yet experienced one of Tina's Bread Baking Courses you should book yourself and a friend into one of them by popping us an email or calling (021) 876 3695. They're a huge amount of fun and they're also delicious. It's like the best combination ever.

a'Thank you very much 

At the recent 2012 Chardonnay du Monde competition our 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay and our NV Môreson Solitaire Méthode Cap Classique were both awarded very shiny silvers.

These latest Chardonnay du Monde accolades mean that, over the last 10 years, between all our glistening golds and swanky silvers we're the highest achieving Chardonnay producing wine farm in the world. Not too shabby for a little family farm in The Hoek. That's local speak for Franschhoek. Isn't it awesome being on the inside track?

Introducing the trés chic 2010 Môreson Cabernet Franc

If you thought the 2009 was a great Cabernet Franc the, newly released, 2010 Môreson Cabernet Franc is going to blow your hair so far back you're going to look like you have a receding hairline. And, might I say, that's not a bad look on you. You're lucky, you have the cheekbones to carry it off.

The 2010 is - in true Môreson Cabernet Franc style - smooth, well-balanced and it showcases our trademark long long finish. 

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