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Australia Day, the return of Bruce and Sheila and the end of the holidays
The three day weekend we all celebrate at the end of this week is one of those bitter sweet affairs. Bitter because it marks the end of those long, loose, January days that allow us to pretend we live in a blissfully irresponsible haze of permanent vacation. Bitter also because, for some, celebrating Australia Day on 26th January goes to the heart of the unresolved tension between 60,000 years of First Australians and the rest of us who rocked up in the last few hundred.

But if you can park all that for a moment and just look at it as a gorgeous, summer, long weekend full of friends, family and feasting, then it's also sweet as, bro. 

To get you in the mood, Bruce and Sheila (that's them above) are back to party with a lovely box of barbecue goodies, we're making fresh batches of
Lamb Long Things, there are three charcoal chicken options, fancy prosciutto-wrapped lamb legs and lambchetta and some excellent, dry-aged beef prime cuts. Not to mention sausages and burgers galore and, of course, celebratory porchetta.

The Bruce & The Sheila boxes
Bruce is big, Sheila is small and both are a bargain
• marinated lamb chump chops (fresh rosemary, organic garlic, Karrabool olive oil, lemon zest)
• marinated, butterflied organic chicken (Portugese style with home-made Piri Piri sauce)
• pasture-raised, marinated pork scotch fillet steaks (soy, Malfroys Gold honey, organic garlic, five spice)
• pasture-fed and finished, beef cross-cut blade steak (cook quickly on a hot bbq and rest)
• pasture-fed and finished Beef & Bacon burgers
• lamb or pork sausages

Get your orders in early!
Ethical Oporto? Organic, butterflied charcoal chicken for the conscientious carnivore! 
There are few things as delicious as barbecued butterflied, marinated Portugese chook. But if you care about the way chickens are raised, Oporto and all the other charcoal chicken joints just aren't an option - the only way you're ever going to be able to eat charcoal chicken is if you make it all from scratch yourself. The Ferals would roll their eyes, call this 'a trek' and slope back to their fetid caves. We get it. 
So, while we're not agreeing to come and cook it for you at home, but we can do just about everything else for you - source a good chook, butterfly it, marinate it and deliver it to you, if you wish. All you have to do is light the bbq and cook it.
We're offering three delicious variations:
Portugese, Mediterranean or Moroccan.
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If you're planning to come by car, please park in front of Feather and Bone, Unit 8. There's room for five cars and there's usually a free spot. If there's no room in front of our place, please park on the street outside the complex. Our neighbours and we thank you for your consideration.
Pick up: order by close of business.
Delivery: order by 12.00 the day before. 

Check out where we go and on which day.

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