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English Large Black sow chilling at Spring Grove Farm near Casino.
It's chilly, but my that rain is welcome. As always, it would be even better if it were falling out on the arid pastures of rural NSW where Mr Bone's recently been travelling visiting farms. More about that below.
In the meantime, fresh, gold medal-winning,
Grassland Sommerlad chickens arrived today, cold-smoked bacon is back and on Saturday Sift Produce returns with her fabulous fruit and veg offer (8.00 am - midday). Sift's produce is super fresh, local and seasonal and shopping at ours on Saturday is the only way you can access these growers - unless you order a mixed box or go to dinner at Lumi, Firedoor, Freds, Sixpenny, 10 William Street and a some other select Sydney restaurants. 
But wait, there's more...
We're putting out the last call for the 13 remaining 
Cassoulet Kits - this is it til next Winter, folks! (There are some nice posts about Cassoulet and other things over on the new Friends of Feather and Bone facebook group - check it out.) And DON'T FORGET the Year of the Pastured Pig Pork Giveaway that we're running until October. Buy a box to be in the running to win.
In other news below, three of the farmers we represent won gold medals at last week's national Delicious Produce Awards, Mr Bone just returned from an eight day
farm road trip across NSW visiting old friends and new (that's one above) and apparently there's this thing called Father's Day on Sunday? 
Congratulations to Burraduc Buffalo Farm, Grassland Poultry and Malfroy's Gold ~ all Gold Medal winners at the National Delicious Produce Awards last week!
We've been working with these three producers for years now and it's wonderful to see them achieve such well-deserved recognition and accolades. Put your orders in and find out what all the fuss is about:

Burraduc Buffalo Dolce Nina ~ delicate and nutty fresh buffalo curd. Each round is about 200 gm and we receive fresh deliveries of Burraduc mozzarella, Dolce Nina, feta and yoghurt every Friday.
Grasslands Sommerlad chicken ~ a fundamentally different product to Cobb or Ross white broiler birds, Sommerlad Heritage chickens have been winning Delicious accolades since 2015. We receive fresh Grassland Sommerlads every second Thursday. 
Malfroys Gold Post Brood honey ~ unlike anything we've ever tasted, Post Brood is complex, intense and irresistible with a comparable medicinal profile to Manuka Honey. But all the Malfroys varieties are delicious and it's hard to choose.
This is the pretty chicken terrine with pickles that the clever cats at Don Peppinos are currently making with whole, boned Grassland Sommerlads. 
Mr Bone's latest road trip: 2,400 km, 11 farms, seven different animals
Below: Tony Franckin with his bull - sire of the vealers we receive; OxHill Organic egg chooks and caravan; Bob Marley, the Duroc Berkshire-cross boar at Extraordinary Pork; newly-weaned buffalo at Burraduc Farm. 
Mr Bone's latest road trip: 2,400 km, 11 farms, seven different animals
Mr Bone is just back from his latest trip visiting a wide range of farms all over NSW. All the way up the coast to the Queensland border and down through the desiccated New England region and then out to Dubbo and the Central West. What was dry before is almost haunted now, in the depths of Winter.

The difference between management systems is more starkly distinct. Pretty much anyone can turn off high quality produce in a good season. Like wine, it’s the so-called 'bad' vintages that really sort out who’s looking after their land and who has pushed past the point of no return and is either on a permanent, hand-feeding regime or will be forced to sell hollowed-out animals at the lowest possible price. Once their condition deteriorates the abattoirs won’t even accept them for slaughter, and the failure of management will result in the farmer having to shoot the stock where they stand. That should be seen as unacceptable, both from an animal welfare and environmental management perspective. It is not a fault of drought. It is a failure of management exacerbated by the dry conditions.

Happily, the farms we work with are all committed to maintaining their soils even if it means completely de-stocking some of their produce. Having a diversified multi-species farm allows production even in the toughest of seasons. The land is the biggest asset these farmers own or manage and what lives on it is only the product, albeit the saleable result, of the whole management process.

Continuing to support them by purchasing their produce while these conditions persist is the best way we can demonstrate our commitment to the whole enterprise of regenerative agriculture, irrespective of the season.

Friends of Feather and Bone
Just reminding y'all that we've set up a facebook group called
Friends of Feather and Bone and we'd love you all to participate. We moderate it but the rest is up to you.
We've been thinking a lot lately about how food is a wonderful way of binding and strengthening communities, large and small, the more diverse the better. The more we reclaim knowledge and share ideas, the stronger, more tolerant and open-minded we become. The way we see it, we're no different from the networked communities of microbes, fungi, plants, insects and animals on the farms we work with - the more closely we're connected, the more healthy and resilient we are. 

We'd love you to post photos of the food you cook, your recipes for eating the whole animal, your successes, your failures, your concerns and anything that you think will improve our collective understanding and make the rest of us weep with laughter (that bit's important). Any useful tips on taming feral children, preferably food-related, are also welcome.
To celebrate The Year of the Pastured Pig, for six months from May to October we're giving away one sixth of a whole, NSW pastured pig.
Buy a Feather and Bone box to be in the running to win.
We'll draw the August winners on 1 September.
The more boxes you buy the better your chances. Go for it!
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CHEW THE FAT  Read our blog for stories from the farms, produce and event news, ruminations on value and trust, a few dodgy jokes and the occasional rant about food labelling. Sometimes we talk about our pets - chickens, children, dog.
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