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This week we've got the usual challenge of squeezing news about farmers (including a farmer visit this Saturday), a fascinating discussion about culinary extinction (on Monday night), tips for spicing up your love life (on Saturday), succulent pork belly, maple bacon and other treats (all the time) into seductive bite-sized sentences that will hook your attention before it's whisked away by the next avalanche of information.
Also, this may be the last week of Sift Produce boxes for a while
so don't miss out!
We'll try to be brief, starting with this...
Like a pig in mud. Finally! It's been almost three years since Extraordinary Pork farm near Dubbo received enough rain for the pigs to dig like THAT.  
Farmer Hicks is in from the sticks.
Saturday 22nd from 9.00 am: Michael Hicks from
Extraordinary Pork will be here to meet y'all and answer your questions. We'd love you to send us your questions before hand. If you can't get here on Saturday, we'll put his answers in the next newsletter.
Loving food to death.
Mrs Feather in conversation with Lenore Newman

Better Read Than Dead, Monday 2nd March, 6.30 pm
'Lost Feast' is an absolutely fascinating book by Canadian culinary academic Lenore Newman. As the blurb says: 'Part environmental wake-up call, part culinary romp, Lenore Newman's 'Lost Feast' makes a critical contribution to our understanding of food security today.' Newman is also very witty and a great storyteller, so for anyone interested in the future of food, this book is a no-brainer. Join Mrs Feather next Monday night for some riveting stories of culinary extinction. Book your ticket now.
Forget date night, it's time for sausage afternoon!
Time to add a little sizzle to your love life? Join us this Saturday at a Sausage Making Class and share a beautiful moment with your loved one over the sausage filler. Someone cancelled so we have a few spots available!
Saturday 22nd, 12.00-3.00 pm 
Sausage making class ~ Book now!
Pastured pork belly
This is a classic crowd-pleaser and it's so simple. Add whatever vegetables you have to hand but the apple/cider combo is the key to this. Layer sliced onion, sweet potato and apple in a baking dish and drizzle with oil. Wash and pat dry the pork belly, score the fat (or tell us to do it for you), rub with olive oil and sea salt, plonk on top of the veg and into the oven at about 190. After about 45 minutes, pour a cup of cider over the vegetables and cook for another 45 minutes or so. Works with a pork loin roast too.
Order your pork belly now!
Last Sift Boxes for a while
For those of you who love Georgie and her amazing business, Sift Produce, as much as we do, you'll be similarly maudlin about this news. The pressures of drought have restricted supply and forced the closure of many farms - both livestock and plant-based - across the country over the last few years and this has had an impact. For the moment, it seems that this is the last week that Sift Produce boxes will be offered for a while so don't miss out!
Order your box now!
Frozen Sausage  Sale -  15% off!
$56.00 for 5 packs (2.5 kg!)
$112.00 for 10 packs (5.0 kg!)
About this time every year, we're overwhelmed with the urge to tidy up. We make copious lists and gamely charge into the fray, usually emerging fairly quickly, dusty and bloodied, muttering about 'long term vision' and shakily reaching for the gin. Part of the February Cleanse is sorting out the freezer and that usually means a sausage sale. This year's no different.

Stock up your freezer while stocks last!
House-cured maple bacon
Made from the bellies and loins of the NSW pasture-raised pigs we source from farmers like Michael and Alex Hicks at Extraordinary Pork (meet Michael this Saturday morning at Feather and Bone). Simply cured with maple syrup and sea salt, unsmoked and delicious. Available in the butchery. Drop in or call or
email us to put some aside for you.  
From fire to flood
Above are two photos of the dam that supplies the livestock drinking water at Peter and Kass Larcombe's farm up near Casino near the Queensland border and they're a graphic illustration of the crazy variations that farmers are dealing with these days.  The Larcombe's run a small herd of English Large Black pigs and only a month or so ago, Casino was surrounded (and threatened) by fires and Peter was making dark jokes about sending us pre-smoked pork. Until a week or so ago, this dam hadn't been more than half full since October 2018, everyone in the district was struggling with crippling drought and the fires took a terrible toll. Finally the rain came, but not gently. Instead it was as extreme as the drought and fire and swamped the landscape. The second photo shows the water lapping at the edges and Peter reports that it overflowed for four days running. No one is complaining. But it's good for those of us in urban Australia to see these examples of the extremes that farmers deal with. Also note that, despite the drought, the first photograph shows protective plant cover over the paddocks, following the regenerative mantra of never baring the soil.
Join Friends of Feather and Bone
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We've been thinking a lot lately about how food is a wonderful way of binding and strengthening communities, large and small, the more diverse the better. The more we reclaim knowledge and share ideas, the stronger, more tolerant and open-minded we become. The way we see it, we're no different from the networked communities of microbes, fungi, plants, insects and animals on the farms we work with - the more closely we're connected, the more healthy and resilient we are. 

We'd love you to post photos of the food you cook, your recipes for eating the whole animal, your successes, your failures, your concerns and anything that you think will improve our collective understanding and make the rest of us weep with laughter (that bit's important). Any useful tips on taming feral children, preferably food-related, are also welcome.
CHEW THE FAT  Read our blog for stories from the farms, produce and event news, ruminations on value and trust, a few dodgy jokes and the occasional rant about food labelling. Sometimes we talk about our pets - chickens, children, dog.
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