It's been a busy first term!  I know I do go on a bit in these emails, so well done if you make it to the end...but there's just so much to share and give thanks for!


I'm still enjoying college and especially loving the wonderful, funny and godly people I'm meeting this year.

I'm finding Greek quite tough. I know I'm not alone in that! But sometimes it can be quite overwhelming, and it has a tendency to get out of control if you don't stay on top of it. I didn't do too badly in our term 1 quiz, though, so it seems some of the information is sticking! 

One of the dangers at college is that it's so easy to lose perspective, and to start focusing on progress and marks.  Then, every so often, you pause and remember - hey! I'm studying the word of God! This is amazing stuff! I don't ever want to lose sight of that, or to lose the sense of joy and wonder at peeling back the layers and getting deeper into the Bible. 

Please pray that I would develop strong and consistent study habits, especially in term 2 as more assignments/exams come up.  Please pray that I wouldn't be too anxious about studying, and would actually enjoy the process and be shaped as a Christian by what I'm learning.


The definite highlight of term 1 at college was going on mission. Each year, the entire Moore College community goes out in teams of around 20 students and staff to partner with churches all over Sydney and further afield. This year our most far flung team went to Hong Kong! 

Crazy drama antics at kids clubMy team went to Ashbury and partnered with the small Anglican church there, St Matts. It was a real joy to work alongside the really involved and enthusiastic parishioners, and our main focus was helping the church reach out and become known in the community. St Matts has a huge percentage of children in its congregation, so a lot of our work revolved around reaching out to kids with God's word. We helped run a kids club, three scripture assemblies at local schools, high school scripture, youth group and Sunday school. We also helped out with a street fair, lots of doorknocking, small Bible study groups, a seniors' papercraft group, lots of manual labour at the community gardens, and a lovely evening to cap off the week, watching Fantasia 2000 under the stars in the church grounds.  I gave my testimony at church on the final Sunday, which I posted to my blog if you have the desire to read it.

Helping out at the Ashbury community gardenIt was a really fantastic team of students I was with, and I loved having the chance to get to know other students better, to hang out with old friends, and to watch all these talented ministers of God's word do their thing!

Please pray for the people at St Matts, that they would persevere and stay strong in the faith, and that they would be bold and courageous in talking to their non-Christian friends, workmates and neighbours about Christ.

Wild Street

Me leading singing at WildKidsI'm buzzing (and a little weary!) from the last week and a bit.  We had a week-long holiday kids club at Wild Street last week.  WildKids was great fun, teaching kids about being on Jesus' team and how he is the best captain and coach ever. We had around 60 kids across the week, from kindy to year 6, and we heard from the Bible, played lots of games, sang raucous songs, learned a great memory verse and did some creative craft. I helped lead the singing and the all-in sessions - I am happy to say I didn't even lose my voice! I was also so encouraged and thankful that there was such an army of volunteers from the Wild Street family helping out. It really allows you to do some quality preparation and teaching when there are lots of people doing their bit to help. God is really working amongst the people at Wild Street, and I hope and pray that he continues to grow and mature us.

the gang at KYCKThen we moved straight from primary-aged kids to the Wild Street youth.  Last weekend, 28 Wild Street youth and leaders went up to Katoomba with 2000 others for KYCK, a challenging weekend of Bible teaching from Hebrews. We stayed at Katoomba High School in the classrooms (I was glad of my air mattress!), and it was like a big slumber party, complete with sleeping bag wars in the hallway and a feast of every kind of junk food imaginable. The teaching was superb and the youth were called to stand firm and persevere in the faith. It was moving to see a large number of kids stand up and make a commitment to Jesus for the first time on Saturday night. The hard part for them now, and even those who have been Christians for a while, is to hold fast to Jesus and to grow from feeding on milk to eating solid food, as they come back down to their everyday lives and the temptations and challenges they face as teenagers in our complex and sin-soaked world.

In case you didn't pick up on it, I love kids and youth and think ministering to them in a real and connected way is so vital. It is also a real privilege to get to know these young people and see them grow as Christians.

Please pray for the kids and youth who have been hearing about Jesus in the last little while.  Pray that they would hold fast to Jesus and that the seeds sown at WildKids and KYCK would put down strong roots, and in time, bear fruit for the gospel.  Give thanks for the abundance of strong biblical teaching these young people have access to, and for the many people who love to teach God's word to them.


This coming weekend mum and I are heading up to Katoomba again for Katoomba Easter Convention.  I'm really looking forward to it as a) we get to stay in a lovely house in Leura so it's like a little mini-break, b) I've never stayed at KEC for the entire weekend before, c) it will be so good to be soaked in the word for four days!

But most of all at Easter, I am humbled, cut to the heart and overjoyed by what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross and rising again. I hope that over the weekend, as well as enjoying some extended time off, you are able to spend some time reflecting on the love, grace and immense generosity of our God, and to rejoice in the hope of spending eternity with him in the new creation!  I can't wait!

(Below is a reading of Luke 23:32-43 I saw this morning that I found quite moving...if it doesn't let you view it in the email, you can watch it here.)

Thank you as always for your support! I thank God for all of you, and please let me know how I can be praying for you.

Lots of love
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