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- Thursday, 19th April 2018 -

A decade on since Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's National Apology to the Stolen Generations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are still being removed from their families at rates ten times higher than non-Indigenous children. Read or listen to the Apology, a defining moment in Australian history, from the National Museum Australia site.

PeakCare strongly supports the Family Matters: Strong communities - Strong culture - Stronger children campaign and believes that being sorry means you don't make the same mistakes again

Family Matters is inviting individuals and organisations to support the campaign and shine a light on this issue by attending or hosting a screening of After the Apology, a powerful new feature documentary by Larissa Behrendt following four Aboriginal grandmothers who each face their own battle in challenging government policies to bring their grandkids home. Check out the trailer for the film here and check out current screenings available here. The film will be shown at Event Cinemas, Brisbane City on Monday, 14th May at 6.30pm, with other screenings around Queensland. Organisations can request to host a screening at their local cinema here which will create an event page and allow bookings.

To find out more about the Family Matters: Strong communities - Strong culture - Stronger children campaign and how you can support it, click here.

Interviewing children and young people - Lessons from the Royal Commission

The first Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ) Practice Paper of the year will be on Interviewing children and young people - Lessons from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission) to be held Wednesday, 2nd May at the Grant Thornton offices in Brisbane. The Practice Paper will examine the lessons learned by the Royal Commission in order to shape systems, policy and practice approaches into the future. The session Chair will be Ann Gummow, until recently the Managing Lawyer for the Brisbane division of Knowmore, an independent service giving free legal advice to assist survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Keynote speakers are Bob Atkinson AO APM, Commissioner for the Royal Commission, and Michael Byrne QC, Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions. Register here or view the flyer for further details.

Update clubCREATE membership details to go into the draw to win

Do you know a child or young person who is a clubCREATE member? Anytime between now and Friday, 8th June children and young people can call CREATE on 3317 6020 to update or simply confirm the details on the clubCREATE database. Everyone who updates or confirms their details will be entered in the draw to win 1 x $200 Coles Myer gift card, 2 x $100 Coles Myer gift cards plus a range of smaller value gift cards to be drawn the week following 8th June, just for checking their details are correct!

Improving the family law system - insights and inputs

Women's Legal Service Victoria has released a report that found disadvantaged women, who had a small amount of property to divide after separation, lack affordable pathways to resolve property disputes, and face various barriers to achieving fair financial outcomes in the family law system. Part of the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) Review of the Family Law System is to consider how to improve accessibility, engagement and equity within the system. Submissions are open until 7th May on any of the issues covered in the recently released ALRC Issues Paper, or in response to any of the 47 questions posed, including the overarching role of the family law system, children's experiences, and how to improve outcomes for those facing barriers.

Opportunities to make submissions to inquiries

There are currently two important opportunities for individuals and organisations to make submissions to parliamentary inquiries. The Community Affairs Senate Reference Committee is accepting submissions regarding the Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia until Friday, 11th May. The Committee is specifically inquiring into the nature and causes of rural and remote Australians accessing mental health services at a much lower rate; the higher rate of suicide in rural and remote areas; the nature of the mental health workforce; challenges involved in delivering mental health services in these areas; attitudes towards mental health services; and opportunities that technology presents for improved service delivery. The Social Policy and Legal Affairs Parliamentary Committee is accepting submissions to the Inquiry into local adoption until Tuesday, 15th May. This inquiry considers approaches to a nationally consistent framework for local adoption in Australia, with specific reference to stability and permanency for children in out-of-home care with local adoption as a viable option, and appropriate guiding principles for a national framework or code for local adoptions within Australia. View more information on making a submission to government inquiries for further details.

Youth Homelessness Matters

Youth Homeless Matters Day (YHMD) 2018, the national campaign to raise awareness about young people who are experiencing homelessness, was held this past Wednesday, 18th April. More than 28,000 young Australians don’t have a place to call home, with many fleeing conflict and violence. Read more.

If you have contributions you'd like to donate to the Ice Bank, or know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, please contact Lorraine Dupree.

House and home - a shrinking reality for many Australians

Housing is a human right, yet recent research shows that more Australians than ever are homeless or experiencing housing instability. 

The Housing in Queensland: Affordability and Preferences report from the Queensland Productivity Commission shows that Brisbane house prices have increased worryingly out of step with both the average wage rise and the average Australian capital city house price rise, primarily driven by the cost of land rather than the quality of housing. The result is that housing affordability in Brisbane is low, with young people and low income earners experiencing the most stress, and the proportion of homeowners declining. Though anyone can become homeless, some groups are more vulnerable. 

A recent research report from the Centre for Social Impact at The University of Western Australia interviewed homeless Australians, including young people under 25, in capital cities and regional centres where housing support services operate. The study identified veterans and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult men as significantly more at risk of being homeless in these locations. Twenty per cent of those interviewed were Indigenous, despite Indigenous people making up only 2.8 per cent of the Australian population, and a much larger proportion of homeless veterans identified as Indigenous (16 per cent) relative to the proportion of Indigenous Australians in the Australian Defence Force (1.6 per cent). While males represented a higher proportion of the homeless population in each age bracket, the distribution of homeless females was skewed towards the younger age brackets; over half of female respondents were aged 34 years or under. 

Especially among young Australians, couchsurfing represents an often hidden but prevalent form of homelessness, at rates that have risen dramatically in recent years. Preliminary results from a research project by Brisbane Youth Service and Griffith Criminology Institute involving young couchsurfers aged 12-25 in Brisbane found they are twice as likely to describe their mental health as ‘poor’ compared with young people sleeping rough. They also reported higher rates of suicidal ideation and self-harming behaviour. The vast majority of couchsurfers in the study were young women, with many identifying as LGBTIQ. Their experiences echo international research that suggests a strong link between housing insecurity and ‘sexual exchange’. The preliminary findings will be published in Parity magazine.

CREATE's 2016 evaluation of the Go Your Own Way (GYOW) resource for young people transitioning from care shows one way in which some of the challenges facing vulnerable groups can be anticipated and how outcomes can be improved by providing adequate support ahead of time. Young people transitioning to independence are more vulnerable across all domains, including becoming homeless, but research has shown that support through transition and connections between domains can ameliorate this and other adverse outcomes. CREATE's evaluation found that young people with a GYOW Kit were better prepared for leaving care, and that the number of young people who reported being homeless post-care (2.8 per cent), though higher than the number homeless in care (1.2 per cent), was lower than in other research.

Resolving Conflict and Mediating Outcomes: The Black Ops of Disputes
Brisbane - Monday, 23rd to Tuesday, 24th April
Presented by Amovita Consulting

This training explores the latest research on the impacts of conflict in the workplace, and provides the necessary skills and framework to understand the contexts in which conflict takes place. Outcomes of the training include understanding conflict typology, developing a mediation framework and eight steps for assertive expression. Suitable for HR professionals, program managers, team leaders, supervisors. Find out more and register.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention / Mandatory Reporting
Beaudesert - Saturday, 28th April
Presented by NAPCAN

This 3-hour interactive workshop covers essential knowledge for anyone working with children and young people, particularly those covered by mandatory reporting requirements. Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, legislative requirements including mandatory reporting, organisational/individual responsibility in responding to early indicators of harm and family support needs, how to respond, and prevention strategies. This workshop will also be held in other locations around Queensland. Find out more and register


Child sexual abuse: issues in practice when working with multicultural communities
Brisbane - Monday, 30th April
Presented by The Oasis Centre

Jatinder Kaur, Manager of The Oasis Centre and Director of JK Diversity Consultants, will deliver this full day training workshop for practitioners working with migrant and refugee clients, to explore the issues in practice when dealing with child sexual abuse in CALD communities. Find out more and register.

High Voltage: Working with 'high risk' adolescents
Brisbane - Thursday, 3rd May
Presented by
Encompass Family and Community

Work with ‘high risk’ adolescents can carry shock potential – for young people themselves and others around them, including front-line workers. Workers often face the tricky challenge of providing an immediate response to extreme and dangerous behaviour by young people, in order to provide safety, while at the same time trying to connect with the hidden pain, trauma and unmet need underpinning this behaviour. This carries the inbuilt conundrum of maintaining a planned approach in the face of continuing crisis. If you are grappling with this ‘high voltage’ work then this is the workshop for you. It is informed by the AIM4® concept map, which supports a practical and effective approach to working with vulnerable young people, grounded in contemporary thinking and research. Find out more and register.

Exploring attachment in couple work
Brisbane - Thursday, 3rd May
Presented by AASW

This half day workshop is designed to assist social workers, psychologists and counsellors to develop a better understanding of working with couples from an attachment framework. This is relevant for social workers who work therapeutically with couples. The education material in the presentation is based on theoretical knowledge Attachment specialists and The Circle of Security. Find out more and register.

123 Magic® & Emotion Coaching
Brisbane - Wednesday, 30th May
Presented by Parentshop

This one-day training course that provides skills to teach parents and carers of children aged 2-12 the skills to manage their children’s difficult behaviour. Training includes role play, group discussion, worksheets and videos. The course equips professionals with the knowledge to teach parents the program over three sessions and/or how to teach the tenets of the program in a few one-to-one clinical sessions. Active PD hours apply. Find out more and register.

Overcoming School Refusal
Brisbane - Friday, 1st June
Presented by Compass Seminars

This interactive, one day workshop explores the causes, co-morbidities and treatment of School Refusal in children and young people, along with providing step-by-step plans and strategies for educators, health professionals and parents to identify and address the problem. Combining educational and clinical perspectives, the workshop uses real case studies to demonstrate the varied reasons students disengage from school, and how tailored interventions and return to school plans, can meet the specific needs of individual children. Find out more and register. This workshop will also be held at the Gold Coast on 31st May.

Platform 1225 Forum 2018: Abuse of Power – Confronting Dynamics of Harm
Brisbane - Friday, 11th May

The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition present Platform 1225 Forum 2018: Abuse of Power – Confronting Dynamics of Harm. Platform 1225 is an insightful discussion between key stakeholders in youth housing and homelessness featuring the voices of young people, academics and practitioners. This year, the conversation is focusing on abuse of power and dynamics of harm whilst also looking at the intersection between domestic and family violence and its impact on the lives of young people. The key aim is to encourage industry professionals to gather and explore new ideas to address the topic outlined each year. The format encompasses a keynote speaker, the experiences of young people and a panel discussion. Register here.

NFP State of the Nation Seminar 
Cairns - Friday, 11th May

The Australian Charity Guide's Not-For-Profit State of the Nation travelling seminar will explore the current state of the NFP sector, latest trends, techniques and innovations in fundraising, how to develop a marketing strategy, sales in a NFP context to attract donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners and best practice customer service. The seminar travels around the country and will also take place at Brisbane on Friday, 29th June. Find out more and register here.

ANROWS Acting on Evidence: 2nd Research Conference on Violence Against Women and their Children
Sydney - Tuesday, 15th to Thursday, 17th May 

The 2nd ANROWS National Research Conference on Violence against Women and their Children - Acting on Evidence focuses on translating research findings into policy and practice. The conference discusses new evidence and applications, including in areas such as responding to violence against women in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, service provision in complex contexts, data challenges and opportunities, positive interventions for young people using violence and public health perspectives. View the programmore about the speakers or register now.

QCOSS 2018 State Conference - Movement for Change 
Brisbane - Wednesday, 16th to Thursday, 17th May

The QCOSS 2018 State Conference Movement for Change - Play Your Part will ask how to move our communities closer to greater wellbeing by challenging how we talk about the world. The conference will explore the current landscapes in which we live and work, uncover the big issues and identify the stories that are dividing our community, develop an understanding of the evidence base for change and the current state of play from which to move forward, explore reforms currently underway, and learn from opinion leaders from different backgrounds and sectors. The conference will be hosted by author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, speaker, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer Jane Caro, with appearances by Richard Denniss, Mick Gooda, the Puuya Foundation, Family by Family and many more. View the program, find out more about the speakers or register now.

Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference
Gold Coast - Monday, 28th and Tuesday, 29th May 

The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association is hosting the annual Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference covering a broad range of topics including prevention, treatment, systematic responses, behaviours, mental health and harm reduction in relation to all types of addiction.  The program will include emerging trends and the various addictive habits of alcohol and other drugs, gambling, and more. View the program, find out more about the speakers, or register now.

Ending Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Family Violence Conference
Sydney - Tuesday, 29th to Wednesday, 30th May

The Ending Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Family Violence Conference has been designed to help make the change toward ending violence in Indigenous Australian communities. The conference will provide practical guidance on how to be more effective in the areas of prevention, healing, response, and working with people who use violence, as well as how to increase self-determination. View the programfind out more about speakers or register now.

2018 Creating Child Safe Organisations
Sydney - Tuesday, 29th to Wednesday, 30th May

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is hosting a National Conference to explore the plans to improve prevention and enhance responses to child sexual abuse. The Conference will explore future directions, how to implement a child safe culture and framework, how to improve incident reporting and responses and how to equip staff to support child safe environments. View the program or register now.

ACA 2018 National Childcare Conference
Gold Coast - Friday, 1st June to Sunday, 3rd June

Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland will deliver the 2018 National Childcare Conference – Together We Grow, It Takes A Village. For more details, view the program or find out more about the speakers. Register here.

Gurrumul: Special fundraising screening 
Brisbane - Sunday, 3rd June 

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation Queensland will hold a special fundraising screening of the documentary Gurrumul, about the Indigenous musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. He was the most commercially successful Aboriginal Australian musician in history, singing stories of his land both in Yolŋu languages such as Gälpu, Gumatj or Djambarrpuynu, and in English, and was formerly a member of Yothu Yindi, and later Saltwater Band. The documentary has received critical acclaim and will be screened at New Farm, Brisbane. Purchase tickets or view the poster for more details.

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Deputy Director-General Service Delivery/Chief Operations Officer - Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is seeking a experienced, high quality leader to join the Executive team reporting to the Director-General. The successful applicant will provide strategic and operational leadership and management for the delivery of, and investment in, child safety and family support services, youth and youth justice services, and women’s and violence prevention services across Queensland. Applications close Friday, 20th April. View more information and apply.

QLD State Coordinator - CREATE

CREATE are seeking a Queensland State Coordinator for a full time, fixed term maternity leave cover. This role requires a highly motivated advocate to promote the rights of children and young people in Queensland. It also requires a person with a collaborative approach to facilitate the voice of children and young people to improve the out of home care system. The role also encompasses oversight of the delivery of CREATE programs and activities. Applications close Monday, 23rd April. View more information and apply.

Immediate Supported Accommodation Property Manager - Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG)

KENG is looking for an experienced Property Manager to provide high quality tenancy management of the Immediate Supported Accommodation program. The position will support all aspects of the tenancy arrangements including leases, property inspections, maintenance and rent management. Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation offering a diverse range of programs and services for the Logan community. The position is permanent part time 16 hours per week (3 days). Applications close 5pm Thursday, 26th April. View more information and apply.

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