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- Friday, 10th August 2018 -

On 14th September, the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women and PeakCare will be jointly hosting a full-day workshop for all providers of residential care services in Queensland. As flagged within the Strengthening the Queensland Residential Care Workforce – Minimum Qualification Standards Information Sheet, this workshop is regarded by the Department as an important step in the development of a comprehensive implementation strategy with PeakCare and service providers for managing the transition to the new standards concerning the minimum qualifications to be held by residential care workers.

This important workshop is being held to:
  • collectively identify issues that may impact the transition of service providers towards meeting the new standards
  • provide information to service providers about the Hope and Healing Framework e-learning modules that are currently under development, their relationship with the transition to the minimum qualifications,  and the anticipated time frame for the modules becoming freely accessible to residential care workers
  • identify and explore other professional development topics and learning needs that may be incorporated within a second series of ‘Hope and Healing Masterclass Workshops’ to support organisations in their implementation of the Hope and Healing Framework
  • hear from service providers about their own initiatives in embedding the Hope and Healing Framework within their delivery of residential care services, and
  • identify and explore other matters of topical interest, such as those concerning the intersection between the child protection and youth justice systems as highlighted within the recently released Report on Youth Justice and their implications for future residential care policy and service development.
Senior representatives of organisations delivering residential care services were sent information about the workshop on 9th August with more information to be sent to them shortly. This included advice about a Residential Care Workforce Survey being conducted to collect information about:
  • firstly, the number of residential care workers who do not yet hold and will need to obtain one of the recognised qualifications in keeping with the new standards, and
  • secondly, the total number of residential care workers (and their immediate supervisors) who will need to complete the Hope and Healing e-learning modules
If your organisation delivers residential care services, check with members of your senior management team that they received this information. Queries about either the workshop or the survey may be directed to Lesley Leece, PeakCare’s Assistant Director (Ph. 07 3368 1050; email:

New free service to help Queenslanders navigate NDIS

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) is undertaking a yearlong project to support people with disability at different steps along their NDIS journey. The Peer to Peer Advocacy Project is a free service for people who need support with NDIS access or planning, including: understanding the steps and what is required, contacting the NDIS to make an access request, filling out access request forms, what they need from GPs or allied health professionals, support with pre-planning to think about what their needs are and goals for their life, support at a planning meeting. It can also assist if people need support or peer advocacy with challenges they are experiencing as they move along the NDIS pathway. The areas that the project is working in includes Brisbane, Logan and Redlands, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, and can provide remote support via phone or skype to other areas across Queensland. To access the service, contact QDN on (07) 3252 8566 or 1300 363 783 or email or view the flyer for more details.

New foster care policy released

In response to Recommendations 24, 27 and 31 of the Keeping Queensland’s children more than safe: Review of the foster care system report, the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women has developed a new Foster care matching – A partnership approach policy and a new Child–foster carer matching tool. The Department's Child Safety Practice Manual has been updated and an information guide has been prepared which provides a brief overview of the supports available for carers as well as links to more detailed information available through the Department's website.

New service to protect counselling records

Sexual assault victims can now access a free service run by Legal Aid Queensland in partnership with the Women’s Legal Service. Counselling Notes Protect is a new legal service to help sexual assault victims protect their counselling records from becoming public in court proceedings. Sexual assault victims who want to protect their counselling notes—or counsellors who would like information about how the laws apply to them—can access Counselling Notes Protect by calling 1300 267 762 for Legal Aid Queensland or 1800 957 957 for the Women’s Legal Service. View the factsheet for more details.

Early Learning Matters Week

It is currently Australia's first ever Early Learning Matters Week, 5th-12th August. This is a national initiative of the Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign to showcase how important early childhood education is to supporting child and family wellbeing. There are resources for educators to help communicate the benefits of early childhood education, as well as for families to understand why the first five years are so important. Child Family Community Australia has highlighted a collection of resources to assist the development of high-quality playgroups and further build the evidence base for the effectiveness of playgroups. 


Young people, education and youth justice

What is the intersection between contact with the youth justice system, disengagement from education, and future outcomes for young people? Statistics already show that involvement in the child protection system results in over-representation in the youth justice system - in Australia young people aged 10–16 years in the child protection system were 12 times more likely to be in the youth justice system than the general population of the same age, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people 16 times more likely to be involved in both systems. Abuse or neglect at home can also cause young people to leave, which exposes them to further risks of victimisation, offending, disengagement from responsibilities, homelessness, and contact with the criminal justice system. When it comes to schooling and education, young people who are disengaged suffer worse outcomes - and that a promising way to address the issue of potential suspension or exclusion is through models such as restorative justice. The research suggests the best outcomes result from prevention, rather than cure - that is, enhancing family, community and cultural supports and networks, and early intervention in situations of abuse and neglect to prevent the onset of offending. When it comes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people, research shows the importance of recognising culture as a protective and rehabilitative factor.

Reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the child protection system

An empowered life that is enriched by dignity and justice for children, young people, parents, families and communities is the core intent of REFOCUS, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service founded in 2010 to specialise in providing services for families and communities.Their focus is ensuring that parents receive the support and encouragement they need and the appropriate services to assist them. Partnership and collaborative action is key to the work of REFOCUS. Read more.

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Lorraine Dupree.

Protecting the rights of people with disability - do you have issues to raise?

With the opportunity to lodge submissions to the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme's inquiry into general issues around the implementation and performance of the NDIS, we take the opportunity to highlight two recently released reports on issues facing people with disability in Australia. The First Peoples Disability Network Australia has released a report following a two-year community-directed research project on the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability. Among key findings are that disability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is twice as prevalent and more complex in terms of co-occurring disabilities, and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability experience a unique form of ‘intersectional discrimination’ and social inequality that is acute and pervasive across all support systems. The Australian Human Rights Commission has published a report examining how to prevent and address violence against people with disability in institutional settings. The report identifies six essential elements for safeguarding and oversight mechanisms to support the rights of people with disability, and offers four recommendations for government and the NDIS Commission, including increasing collaboration and the amount publicly available information regarding the operation of current and future quality, safeguarding and oversight mechanisms. The objective of the parliamentary inquiry into NDIS is to identify broad, systemic and recurrent issues relating to implementation and operation and offer recommendations to improve the operation of the NDIS, so if you have an issue to raise or an idea - make a submission.

Mastering Assertive Interactions in the Workplace
Brisbane - Monday, 20th August
Presented by Amovita Consulting

Being able to communicate confidently and effectively is an essential skill in today’s competitive workplace. This is especially true for those who work in the front line within organisations, where this role commonly engages and responds to clients, families, stakeholders, customers and carers. These roles often involve working under pressure whilst having to negotiate conflicting values, opinions and beliefs of others. This training presentation provides valuable skills and knowledge for participants to communicate with influence and enables the creation of positive and productive working relationships; skills to diffuse hostile situations; respond appropriately to confrontations and successfully resolve misunderstandings. Find out more.


123 Magic & Emotion Coaching
Brisbane - Wednesday, 22nd August
Presented by Parentshop

A comprehensive one-day training course that provides skills to teach parents and carers of 2-12 year-olds the skills to manage children's difficult behaviour. The professional training includes role play, group discussion, worksheets and videos. This one-day course equips professionals with the knowledge to teach parents the program over three sessions and/or how to teach the tenets of the program in a few one-to-one clinical sessions. Each participant receives professional practitioner training resources including a manual, slideshow and session-by-session guidelines to facilitate parent meetings. Find out more and register.

Tuning In to Acting Out: responding to the behaviours and needs of young people
Brisbane - Thursday, 23rd August

Presented by Encompass Family and Community

We all acknowledge the principle that children and young people who need care are best placed with kin, if there are family members who can provide safety and help meet their emotional needs. However there are some challenges to be overcome! Achieving positive family contact with parents can be tricky, and research tells us that reunification planning can be more difficult than with non-relative carers. Family of origin patterns of interaction, and longstanding issues around relationships and the meanings attributed to past events, can be complicated. Cultural and customary kinship roles add a further dimension. This workshop puts the spotlight on the particular issues which workers must address for kinship care to work well, and considers strategies to assist all parties to focus on the child’s needs irrespective of ‘family’ issues. Find out more and register.

CBT Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
Brisbane - Thursday, 23rd August
Presented by Australian Association of Social Workers

This one-day workshop will assist participants to work with clients who have social anxiety, generalised anxiety, specific phobias, intrusive thoughts and panic/anxiety attacks, using CBT Exposure Therapy. When clients experience anxiety that gets in the way of functioning, life starts to get organised around the anxiety itself. For example, people start to seek reassurance, find activities to distract themselves or avoid the people, places and things that trigger their anxiety. Unfortunately, this just makes the anxiety increase in the long term. It has been empirically demonstrated that an effective way to deal with anxiety is to become habituated to the situations, triggers, thoughts or memories that are being avoided by actually being exposed to them. Find out more and register.


National Child Protection Week Q&A Forum
Brisbane - Tuesday, 4th September
Presented by NAPCAN

Child abuse can be prevented if we all play our part. Why then is there still so little talk about the things we can do to create communities that support families and children (before problems arise)? Why is the topic of primary prevention still largely missing from conversations about child abuse and neglect? And, when prevention is mentioned, why is it still so often confused with early intervention? This National Child Protection Week (2nd to 8th September) NAPCAN invites you to join the conversation about prevention in a lively and inspiring Q&A Forum about why primary prevention needs to be front and centre when we talk about child abuse and neglect. Katrina Blowers from Channel 7 will MC, with speakers including Norman Laing, Indigenous Lawyer and Advocate, Megan Mitchell, National Children's Commissioner, representatives from R4Respect, and Michael Hogan, Director-General, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. Register now.

Lost in Translation - Supporting Young People with Complex Support Needs in Transition Forum
Brisbane - Thursday, 6th September
Presented by Community Living Association

Lost in Transition is a three-year ARC funded research project exploring the issues of young with complex support needs in transition that aims to map existing frameworks for transition support planning, describe the needs of young people with complex support needs in relation to key life transitions, develop an understanding of the various meanings of transition to young people with complex support needs and for those who provide transition support, and explore how these transitions can be tracked and quantified. The Lost in Translation Forum to be held at Banyo Library will discuss what it would take at a policy, practice and organisational level to achieve appropriate supports to young people with complex support needs in Queensland. View the flyer for more details. To register, phone 3266 5633 by 3rd September.

Solution Focused Families
Brisbane - Friday, 7th September
Presented by Compass Seminars

Using goal-orientated Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), can assist you to identify a client's hoped for changes and participate in conversations that build those changes in great detail, often leading to solutions they may never have considered trying. Whilst this sounds simple, it is challenging, and made more complex when there is more than one person in the conversation such as with families. Here, you must be skilled at identifying desired outcomes that ALL involved parties can engage in. If you fail to co-construct a conversation that identifies detailed future outcomes you risk family members disengaging, sabotaging or dividing - often keeping them focused on the problem and blocking potential change. This workshop explores the effective core techniques required to work families when change is the name of the game! Find out more and register

2018 Leneen Forde Public Address
Brisbane - Tuesday, 11th September
Presented by CPPAQ

The Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ) aims to improve interdisciplinary professional collaboration in the child protection system in Queensland. This year's Leneen Forde Public Address will be delivered by Dr Scott Harden, who will discuss his experience as a child psychiatrist in the courts - musings upon the protection of children and their interests. Dr Harden is a child, adolescent and adult clinical and forensic psychiatrist.  In his clinical practice he has particular interest and experience in evaluation of anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young people and adults. In his forensic practice, he has experience in a range of legal and treatment settings with young people and adults. CPPAQ Members are reminded this is a free event, for non-members the price is $40. Find out more and register.

ACWA Conference and National Kinship Care Forum
Sydney - Monday, 20th to Thursday, 23rd August

The Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA) Conference 2018 will highlight the continuing endeavour of working with community organisations in providing positive outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families. ACWA is the NSW non-government peak body representing the voice of community organisations working with vulnerable children, young people and their families. Find out more and register. Following the Conference, the National Kinship Care Forum will be held at the Australian Human Rights Commission, 175 Pitt Street, Sydney. The Forum will discuss the importance of kinship care, which now provides more statutory out-of home care than foster care across Australia. Attendance is free - find out more.

Changing Lives, Changing Communities
Hervey Bay - Thursday, 23rd August to Friday, 24th August

Building on the momentum of QCOSS’ Movement For Change Conference and Pulse conversations, a series of regional events will be held with the aim of creating real social change in 13 Queensland communities. Changing Lives, Changing Communities will kick off in Fraser Coast and Townsville during August. Community members are invited to attend this free, two-day event to explore what it takes to create communities where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. Bring a friend or colleague and work together to develop a shared vision and equip yourself with knowledge and actions to make real social change.


10th Annual Women and Homelessness Forum
Brisbane - Wednesday, 29th August

The Lady Musgrave Trust is hosting the 10th Annual Women and Homelessness forum, a sector driven event that is developed each year by a joint Working Group Committee comprising representatives from The Lady Musgrave Trust, Centacare, Ozcare, QShelter, DVConnect, Micah Project Inc. and the Queensland Government. The 8th edition of the resource booklet for homeless women 2018-2019 A Handy Guide for Women in Brisbane will also be available free of charge. The forum will be officially opened by the Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick De Brenni. Find out more and register

Protective Behaviours Australia Conference 2018
Brisbane - Thursday, 30th to Friday, 31st August

Act for Kids, NAPCAN and the Daniel Morcombe Foundation are partnering with Protective Behaviours Australia, to present the Protective Behaviours Australia Conference at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. The two-day event features keynote speakers from all across Australia sharing their research, insights and knowledge of protective behaviours. Combined with informative and interactive workshops, attendees will walk away empowered with the knowledge to collectively reduce the incidence and impact of abuse and violence in the community and keep our kids safe. Discounted accommodation rates are available at Oaks Casino Towers, Oaks Festival Towers and ISTAY River City.

15th Annual Micah Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance 
Brisbane - Friday, 31st August

The annual Micah Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance will be be held at the Plaza Ballroom, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. In true Micah Projects fashion, it is a night where socially created barriers are toppled and all members of the Brisbane community can come together as equals, to enjoy each other’s company. Purchase your tickets now.

Queensland Child Protection Week Dinner
Brisbane - Friday, 7th September

The Queensland Child Protection Week Dinner celebrates the dedication and commitment of those working within the child protection industry in Queensland. This year's dinner will be hosted by Kay McGrath, with Hon. Dianne Farmer, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence speaking. Find out more and purchase tickets.

Bravehearts White Balloon Day Gala
Brisbane - Friday, 7th September

Bravehearts extends an invitation to join Hetty Johnston AM and distinguished guests for an evening dedicated to protecting the children of Australia. Enjoy a sumptuous 3 course dinner, guest speakers, live entertainment, exciting raffle and auction prizes. Do not miss the chance to support this wonderful event and important cause. Early bird discounted tickets available now.

The Sanctuary Model in Context
Brisbane - Monday, 15th to Tuesday, 16th October

The Sanctuary Institute Australia and MacKillop Family Services are inviting community services organisations and schools to attend a two-day seminar to support cultures of safety, wellbeing and learning in organisations. Participants will learn about The Sanctuary Model, a trauma-informed, whole of organisation change model that responds to the impact of chronic stress and adversity. Educators should note this program meets the requirements for provisional or full teacher registration for 14 hours of Professional Learning in every Australian state. Teachers will be able to demonstrate increased knowledge and proficiency on Standard 1 and 4 of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL). View the flyer for more details or register here.

10th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium
Hobart - Tuesday, 16th to Wednesday, 17th October

The 10th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium is an opportunity for policy makers, clinical practitioners, academics, service providers and mental health professionals to join together and provide a collaborative platform for the challenges, solutions, innovations, support systems and networks for rural mental health. Find out more and register.

2018 ACOSS National Conference
Sydney - Monday, 29th and Tuesday, 30th October

The ACOSS National Conference has been a key event for civil society in Australia for over six decades. Each year hundreds of thought leaders, policy makers, political leaders, social innovators, practitioners, academics, campaigners, community leaders and social justice advocates come together to engage in collective public policy analysis, discussion and debate; identifying challenges and strategising solutions with the view to address poverty and inequality and enhance social cohesion in Australia. At this year's conference dinner ACOSS and HESTA will be co-presenting the Community Sector Awards. Early bird tickets are now available - don't miss out! 

2018 Youth Health Conference
Gold Coast - Wednesday, 7th to Friday, 9th November

The Australian Association for Adolescent Health and the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association have partnered to host the 2018 Youth Health Conference. This year’s conference theme, “Owning Future Change”, invites young people, clinicians, researchers, educators and policy makers to act now to identify challenges and implement solutions to create real change in the lives and health of young Australians. The 2018 Youth Health Conference is the platform where the latest research findings will be presented with policy and practice recommendations, and where innovative models of care will be showcased. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Health and Sexuality Education and Sexual Health are major themes in this year’s conference. Find out more and register.

Sexuality and people with an intellectual disability: a sex positive approach
Brisbane - Tuesday, 13th November

This workshop to be delivered by Lud Allen Counselling will explore the meanings that you give to sexuality and specifically the meaning you give to sexual education for people with an intellectual disability. You will identify barriers that exist to supporting clients in meeting their sexual health and relationship education needs. You will use and critique resources specifically made for sexual health education of people with an intellectual disability and explore the benefits of 1:1 education vs small group education and hear how this has been applied successfully in real life scenarios. Find out more and register.

FRSA 2018 National Conference
Cairns - Tuesday, 20th to Friday, 23rd November 

The Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) National Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of practitioners, academics and policy makers working to support children, families and communities. The Conference will be held at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel with the theme Be the change: Leaving no one behind

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide: The Eighth Gathering
Sydney - Monday, 26th to Thursday, 29th November

The International Indigenous Council for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide has invited The Healing Foundation and The University of Sydney to join together to celebrate the strengths of Indigenous peoples across the world. Healing Our Spirit Worldwide – The Eighth Gathering will share the experiences, resilience and challenges confronting Indigenous peoples across the world.

STOP Domestic Violence Conference
Gold Coast - Monday, 3rd December to Wednesday, 5th December

Domestic violence can affect anyone in the community, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location. Over the course of three days, the 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will highlight, acknowledge and reflect on the efforts of those who have contributed and set the bar for change. The Conference aims to facilitate policy change, raise awareness and work together to eliminate violence within Australia. There are only two weeks left to submit an abstract for presentation 

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Team Manager, Family and Child Connect - Mercy Community

Mercy Community is seeking a permanent full time Team Manager for the Family and Child Connect team working out of the Moreton Bay Region. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis as the role is required to be filled as soon as possible. Find out more and apply.

Immediate Supported Accommodation Worker - KENG

Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG) is seeking a permanent experienced Housing Support Worker for 36 hours a week to work within the integrated service model in the Immediate Supported Accommodation Program. Experience in providing holistic and individualised case management support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness is key. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 13th August.

Assistant Team Leader, BDVS - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a full time Assistant Team Leader for the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS). The role is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 7. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 13th August.

Principal Policy Adviser - PeakCare

PeakCare is seeking a full- or near full-time Principal Policy Adviser to research, monitor and maintain comprehensive knowledge of legislative, policy, program and practice trends and issues in child protection and family services, to exercise a leadership role on behalf of PeakCare in analysing and providing authoritative specialist advice, and to contribute to PeakCare's operational planning. Find out more and apply. Applications close Friday, 24th August.

Project Coordinator, LLA & Collective Impact - Save the Children

Save the Children Australia is seeking a full time, fixed term Project Coordinator based in Mt Isa. The role supports the Local Level Alliance across Mount Isa and the Gulf, and the Collective Impact objectives for the Connected Beginnings Program in Doomadgee. The role provides local leadership to progress important community development and collective impact initiatives. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 27th August. 

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