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- Friday, 4th May 2018 -

The Family Matters Week of Action is an annual awareness raising event to harness public engagement and political commitment to the key advocacy asks of the Family Matters Campaign – read more here.

What action will YOU and YOUR ORGANISATION be taking this year?

Will you be attending a screening of two powerful films Family Matters will be hosting - After the Apology on 14th May in Brisbane or Cherbourg Women: My Struggle, My Fight on 19th May in Brisbane - or organise to host a screening? 

Has your organisation signed the Family Matters Statement of Commitment? If not, why not? Click here to see the organisations, Federal and State Members of Parliament, and Commissioners and Guardians from across Australia that have stated their commitment. If you are not on the list, a good time to make and state your commitment is during this year’s Week of Action.

Is your organisation a Family Matters sponsor? Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the organisations that support this important campaign and click here to find out how your organisation can join their ranks.

Have your say on child rights in Australia 

The Australian Human Rights Commission is taking submissions from individuals and organisations on child rights in Australia and Australia's progress in meeting its obligations under the United Nation (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child. Submissions are invited on any of the nine groups of child rights, including civil freedoms, violence against children, family environment, disability, and more. View more information on lodging a submission here. Australia last reported on its implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2012, the UN's Concluding Observations on Australia are available here. Submissions can be sent electronically to with the subject title "Submission", or in writing to GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2000. Submissions close Wednesday, 23rd May. 

Queensland joins Royal Commission redress scheme

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse's recommendation to introduce a Redress Scheme for victims of child sexual abuse has been accepted by more states, including Queensland. The Queensland government has announced a provision will be included in the upcoming state budget for redress payments. Nationally, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory have also opted in. Non-government institutions such as churches and charities within those jurisdictions are now able to join. The Scheme is scheduled to commence 1st July. 

Audit finds Queensland implementation of NDIS could do better

A recent audit has assessed how effectively the Queensland government is managing the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The audit found that as lead agency responsible for NDIS delivery, the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS) has not proactively identified and addressed governance gaps to ensure it is reporting accurate and complete information. The Department of Health was found to have planned and managed the transition well to date, whereas Queensland Corrective Services was found to have planned its transition well but had no implementation plan until the audit began, despite having prisons in areas that are already operating under NDIS arrangements. The audit also found lower than expected participant intake rates and uncertainty as to whether Queensland will meet full scheme target estimates for the funding committed, for example with only seven per cent of eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so far joining. The audit makes several recommendations to DCDSS for more effective transition, including more detailed planning and oversight for managing and monitoring readiness, such as developing readiness criteria and key performance indicators. Read more from the audit.

Young people can apply for support under What's Next OOHC Fund

Young people aged 15-21, who are or have been in out-of-home-care can receive support to help them decide what's next in 2018, be it further education, training or employment. The What’s Next OOHC Fund provides support in navigating the Vocational Education and Training system to find training and career pathway options that appeal to each young person, and financial support to enrol and participate. Young people aged 22-24 are also eligible on a case-by-case basis. To register, the young person can simply email their full name, age, postcode, contact number and permission for the Department of Education and Training to contact Child Safety or a support agency to confirm eligibility to Applications close Thursday, 31st May. For more information, view the flyervisit the website or ring 3513 5393.

Free forums for empowering parents and educating practitioners

Parents and families are invited to a free 3-hour forum hosted by Family Inclusion Network, to hear how other parents have amplified their voice and are changing ‘the system’. Creating Inclusion: Giving parents a voice is a forum that will hear from parents who have experienced children removal, and are now working as parent representatives at the renowned Family Inclusion Strategies in the Hunter. Key speaker Jessica Cocks will share her Churchill Fellowship research on child protection and out-of-home care in the USA, Canada, Norway and the UK. The forum will be held at the Queensland Multicultural Centre Auditorium, Kangaroo Point on Friday 1st June, with child minding available on site. Family inclusion in the child protection and care systems is a related free three-hour workshop on Thursday, 31st May for practitioners on learnings from the Family Inclusion Strategies in the Hunter project, an innovative group aimed at building a family inclusive chidl protection and out-of-home-care system. Find out more.

Do Something this Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

Each May, Queensland holds Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month to raise awareness of the impact of domestic and family violence and engage all across the state in mechanisms to prevent such violence and harm. In 2006-17, two hundred and sixty three women, men and children were killed in Queensland by a family member or current or former intimate partner. Read more.

If you have contributions you'd like to donate to the Ice Bank, or know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, please contact Lorraine Dupree.

Prisons, parents, children and young people

This week’s In the Read refers to some resources about issues around prisons, parents, children and young people.

A recent Australian Law Reform Commission report examines the incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and notes that placement of children in out-of-home care often leads to their involvement with youth detention and adult imprisonment. The report also states that the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents - particularly women - in prison has a direct effect on the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in out-of-home care. A chapter is devoted to child protection and adult incarceration. 35 recommendations are aimed to reduce the disproportionate number of Australian Indigenous peoples being imprisoned, including to establish a national inquiry into child protection laws and processes affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Find the report here.

Child Family Community Australia has collated their holdings on prisoners and their families. These include research about supporting children of prisoners, supporting prisoners who are parents pre and post release, and reports of inquiries about access to rights and improving connections between children and incarcerated parents. Other available resources include an Institute for Child Protection Studies’ research to practice paper about issues for children with parents in prison; a literature review undertaken to inform future program development of mothers and children programs in Victorian prisons; and a strategic framework for good care planning of children pre, during and post release of their parent/s from prison. 

After the Apology feature documentary screening
Brisbane - Monday, 14th May
Presented by Family Matters

To support Family Matters National Week of Action, individuals and organisations are invited to attend or host a screening of After the Apology, a powerful new feature documentary by Larissa Behrendt following four Aboriginal grandmothers who each face their own battle in challenging government policies to bring their grandkids home. Check out the trailer for the film here and check out current screenings available here. The film will be shown at Event Cinemas, Brisbane City on Monday, 14th May at 6.30pm, with other screenings around Queensland. Organisations can request to host a screening at their local cinema here which will create an event page and allow bookings.

Understanding domestic and family violence across refugee and migrant communities
Brisbane - Monday, 14th May
Presented by 
Inala Community House 

This workshop will assist practitioners to understand the intersection between domestic and family violence and its impact on the lives of migrant and refugee women. This workshop will cover: acknowledging how culture, ethnicity and religion impact on communities understanding of domestic and family violence; Intimate Partner Violence and the challenges for women in reporting and dealing with this type of abuse; the Influence of gender roles & traditions within migrant and refugee communities; and barriers to accessing support. Find out more and register.

Pursuing possibility: Using appreciative inquiry to transform your work
Brisbane - Thursday, 17th May
Presented by Encompass Family and Community

This workshop takes you on a journey of discovery towards applying attachment principles in the daily parenting of children and invites you to consider how you use this knowledge in your family support work. Parenting approaches that strive to control behaviour do not respond to children’s underlying needs and feelings. Relationship based approaches such as Circle of Security™ allow parents to see behaviour as a form of communication. This workshop will give you an overview of these approaches so that you in turn can support the parents you work with. Find out more and register.

Cherbourg Women: Our Struggle, Our Fight screening
Brisbane - Saturday, 19th May
Presented by 
Family Matters

As part of Family Matters National Week of Action, this screening of Cherbourg Women - My Struggle, My Fight on Saturday, 19th May at 5.30pm at Kuril Dhagun, Level 1 of the State Library in Brisbane will showcase the moving journey documented by Yamaji filmmaker Janine Kelly, who travelled to Cherbourg Community with her Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt to hear the personal stories of Cherbourg women suffering the removal of their children and grandchildren, and fighting to have them returned to their families. View the flyer for more details.

Working with migrant and refugee communities in a mental health setting
Brisbane - Monday, 21st May
Presented by AASW

Participants will gain better understanding of working cross culturally with families from migrant and refugee backgrounds. The workshop will prepare professionals with knowledge and skills to engage effectively with adults, children and youth from diverse backgrounds and with mental health issues, and will explore acculturation, transition issues, culturally appropriate mental health assessment and developing cross-cultural communication skills. Includes 7 hrs CPD. View the flyer for more details or register.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention / Mandatory Reporting
Hervey Bay - Tuesday, 22nd May
Presented by NAPCAN

This 3-hour interactive workshop covers essential knowledge for anyone working with children and young people, particularly those covered by mandatory reporting requirements. Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, legislative requirements including mandatory reporting, organisational/individual responsibility in responding to early indicators of harm and family support needs, how to respond, and prevention strategies. This workshop will also be held in other locations around Queensland. Find out more and register

Tough Conversations in Child Protection
Brisbane - Thursday, 31st May
Presented by Parentshop

A comprehensive one-day course for child protection professionals and family workers to help them to hold the often-challenging conversations with parents in child protection.The workshop helps busy professionals to quickly assess and prepare for tough conversations in situations where a clarity-of-message can make all the difference for vulnerable families. Find out more and register.

Creating Inclusion: Giving parents a voice
Brisbane - Friday, 1st June
Presented by Family Inclusion Network

Parents and families are invited to a free 3-hour forum to hear how other parents have amplified their voice and are changing ‘the system’. Creating Inclusion: Giving parents a voice is a forum that will hear from parents who have experienced children removal, and are now working as parent representatives at the renowned project Family Inclusion Strategies in the Hunter. Key speaker Jessica Cocks will share her Churchill Fellowship research on child protection and out-of-home care in the USA, Canada, Norway and the UK. Child minding will be available on site. Family inclusion in the child protection and care systems is a related free three-hour workshop on Thursday, 31st May for practitioners on learnings from the Family Inclusion Strategies in the Hunter project, an innovative group aimed at building a family inclusive chidl protection and out-of-home-care system.

Gurrumul - special screening
Brisbane - Sunday, 3rd June
Presented by Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation Qld

ANTaR will hold a special fundraising screening of the critically acclaimed documentary Gurrumul, about the Indigenous musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, the most commercially successful Aboriginal Australian musician in history, who sang stories of his land in Yolŋu languages and in English. Gurrumul was formerly a member of Yothu Yindi, and later Saltwater Band. All proceeds from the screening will go towards supporting the policy, advocacy and community education projects of ANTaR, who receive no government funding. Purchase tickets or view the poster for more details. 


Stuff That Sucks
Brisbane - Wednesday, 27th June
Presented by Compass Seminars

This full-day workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with a specific focus on its successful application with younger people. ACT is an empirically supported therapeutic approach that draws on behavioural and mindfulness principles to help people make space for painful thoughts and feelings and instead turn their focus towards values. ACT is rapidly growing in popularity internationally and is being used successfully with people experiencing a range of life challenges including low mood, worries, difficult behaviour, anger, anxiety, and interpersonal or family conflict. Find out more and register. This workshop will also be held at the Gold Coast on 25th June and Toowoomba on 26th June.

Platform 1225 Forum 2018: Abuse of Power – Confronting Dynamics of Harm
Brisbane - Friday, 11th May

The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition will present Platform 1225 Forum 2018: Abuse of Power – Confronting Dynamics of Harm, a discussion between key stakeholders in youth housing and homelessness featuring the voices of young people, academics and practitioners. The keynote speaker will be Scott Miller from Duluth, offering strategies and solutions, with MC Kay McGrath and guest speaker the Hon. Mick de Brenni. The conversation will be focused on the abuse of power and dynamics of harm, as well as the intersection between domestic and family violence and its impact on the lives of young people. The key aim is to encourage industry professionals to gather and explore new ideas to address the topic outlined each year. Register here.

NFP State of the Nation Seminar 
Cairns - Friday, 11th May

The Australian Charity Guide's Not-For-Profit State of the Nation travelling seminar will explore the current state of the NFP sector, latest trends, techniques and innovations in fundraising, how to develop a marketing strategy, sales in a NFP context to attract donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners and best practice customer service. The seminar travels around the country and will also take place at Brisbane on Friday, 29th June. Find out more and register here.

Acting on Evidence: 2nd Research Conference on Violence Against Women and their Children
Sydney - Tuesday, 15th to Thursday, 17th May 

The 2nd ANROWS National Research Conference on Violence against Women and their Children - Acting on Evidence focuses on translating research findings into policy and practice. The conference discusses new evidence and applications, including in areas such as responding to violence against women in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, service provision in complex contexts, data challenges and opportunities, positive interventions for young people using violence and public health perspectives. View the programmore about the speakers or register now.

QCOSS 2018 State Conference - Movement for Change 
Brisbane - Wednesday, 16th to Thursday, 17th May

The QCOSS 2018 State Conference Movement for Change - Play Your Part will ask how to move our communities closer to greater wellbeing by challenging how we talk about the world. The conference will explore the current landscapes in which we live and work, uncover the big issues and identify the stories that are dividing our community, develop an understanding of the evidence base for change and the current state of play from which to move forward, explore reforms currently underway, and learn from opinion leaders from different backgrounds and sectors. The conference will be hosted by author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, speaker, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer Jane Caro, with appearances by Richard Denniss, Mick Gooda, the Puuya Foundation, Family by Family and many more. View the program, find out more about the speakers or register now.

Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum
Brisbane - Wednesday, 16th to Thursday, 17th May

The Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research present the Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum – Language of Change. The event aims to celebrate the work done by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in preventing and responding to family violence. It will be an opportunity to highlight strategies and programs that could be used effectively by others, with discussions that relate to working with men, women and children who are either victims, or perpetrators, of domestic and family violence. Find out more and register.


Living with domestic and family violence - Part two
Webinar - Friday, 18th May

Community, health and education workers are invited to attend a free legal information webinar about how Legal Aid Queensland can help clients with legal protection from violent relationships. The webinar will be delivered by Jason Garrick, family lawyer from our Violence Prevention and Women’s Advocacy team, and will cover: a brief overview of domestic and family violence, including any changes to the law, practical tips for workers to support clients living with domestic and family violence, including domestic violence protection orders and parenting orders, what happens when children are involved, and getting help from Legal Aid Queensland and referral pathways. Find out more and register to attend.


Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference
Gold Coast - Monday, 28th and Tuesday, 29th May 

The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association is hosting the annual Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference covering a broad range of topics including prevention, treatment, systematic responses, behaviours, mental health and harm reduction in relation to all types of addiction.  The program will include emerging trends and the various addictive habits of alcohol and other drugs, gambling, and more. View the program, find out more about the speakers, or register now.

Ending Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Family Violence Conference
Sydney - Tuesday, 29th to Wednesday, 30th May

The Ending Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Family Violence Conference has been designed to help make the change toward ending violence in Indigenous Australian communities. The conference will provide practical guidance on how to be more effective in the areas of prevention, healing, response, and working with people who use violence, as well as how to increase self-determination. View the programfind out more about speakers or register now.

2018 Creating Child Safe Organisations
Sydney - Tuesday, 29th to Wednesday, 30th May

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is hosting a National Conference to explore the plans to improve prevention and enhance responses to child sexual abuse. The Conference will explore future directions, how to implement a child safe culture and framework, how to improve incident reporting and responses and how to equip staff to support child safe environments. View the program or register now.

ACA 2018 National Childcare Conference
Gold Coast - Friday, 1st June to Sunday, 3rd June

Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland will deliver the 2018 National Childcare Conference – Together We Grow, It Takes A Village. For more details, view the program or find out more about the speakers. Register here.

Doing School Differently Conference
Gold Coast - Thursday, 28th to Friday, 29th June

Berry Street Childhood Institute presents this conference which offers a unique opportunity to advance the national conversation on practice and research in flexible and inclusive education by bringing together educators, researchers, policy makers and young people who are committed to developing and sustaining successful educational opportunities and pathways for young people who have experienced barriers. The conference will explore a diverse range of topics including trauma-informed practice, how to develop individualised and flexible learning plans, case studies of alternative education methods, supporting young parents and their children, improving disability inclusion, and youth mental health challenges. Find out more and register.

2018 AIFS Conference: What matters most to families in the 21st Century?
Melbourne - Wednesday, 25th July to Friday, 27th July

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is the Australian government’s key research body in the area of family wellbeing. Every two years, the AIFS Conference offers unrivalled opportunities to mix with leading thinkers, decision-makers and researchers across a range of sectors and disciplines who are dedicated to improving the lives of families. Join leading thinkers and change-makers at the 2018 AIFS Conference – What matters most to families in the 21st Century? which will look ahead and ask: what does the future for families look like? What are the challenges and opportunities and how prepared are we? Exploring these questions requires boldness, curiosity and imagination, and the AIFS 2018 Conference will provide rich debate and inquiry, and encourage participants to engage with the emerging issues for families. The Conference MCs will be Virginia Trioli, ABC journalist, and Madonna King, writer and journalist and the Conference boasts a range of renowned speakers. Early bird registration closes 14th May, so don't miss out, register now.

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Support and Advocacy Worker, Micah Mental Health and Disability Service - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a casual Support and Advocacy Worker classified under the SCHADS Award Level 2 to join the Micah Mental Health and Disability Service (MMHDS). These outreach teams provide flexible, recovery focussed support and advocacy to adults with complex disabilities in the Brisbane area. Applications close Monday, 7th May. Find out more and apply.

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service Program Assistant - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a part time Program Assistant to work as part of an existing roster from 12am-8am, Monday and Sunday one week, Saturday and Sunday the following week, under SCHADS Award Level 2. The principle objective of this role is to develop, maintain and manage administrative systems across the team. Applications close 5pm, Tuesday 8th May. Find out more and apply.

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