If you're in sales, don't make these 5 mistakes! 
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The Sales Tune-Up Newsletter: July 2013

5 Things Salespeople Should STOP Doing Immediately“First we make our habits and then our habits make us.” – Anonymous

All of us have habits which lead to routines.  Once in awhile, it’s good to stop and recognize the routines that are running our lives. As professionals, salespeople are as susceptible as anyone to bad habits.  Here are 5 things that we should all stop doing:

  1. Stop cutting and pasting from proposals.
  2. Stop sending email "thank you's".
  3. Stop giving prospects reading assignments.
  4. Stop behaving as if the prospect is ready for you.
  5. Stop focusing only on the benefits of your solution.
Need more evidence? Here's the reasoning behind each item
The 3 Critical Elements Missing From Your Sales ProposalsThe 3 Elements Missing From Your Sales Proposals As part of our process with clients, we review a lot of sales proposals. We want to know how salespeople are communicating with potential clients and, ultimately, what kind of sales proposals are winning business over others. In the past year, we have observed a pattern. Most companies, salespeople, sales leaders, and sales managers overlook three simple elements of their proposals that, when corrected, would make them substantially more effective at winning new business. If your proposals aren't brief, don't include references, or don't include what you are NOT going to do, then you need to make a few changes.


Summer Resources for Salespeople: 

It's no secret that we're a team of bookworms. We really enjoy picking up a new book and learning something new. We compiled a few resources that you might helpful especially this summer when you need a jolt of inspiration or new way of thinking.

The Top 5 TED Talks for SalespeopleThe Top 5 TED Talks for Salespeople

It was hard to narrow this list down to only 5 talks. Hit REPLY and let us know which talk(s) you would add to the list! 

Summer Reading List for SalespeopleSummer Reading List for Salespeople: 2013 Edition

(Hint: since we published this post, we devoured Decisive, the book featured on the right!) 


Sales Tip: Praise Your Competitors' Strengths

When a prospect says; “You know, Christy, I have to tell you that we are also looking at XYZ Competitor as well…” what should Christy do?

Talking about competitors seems like such a straight-forward thing, and it is.  But sales people often fall into one of two traps:

  1. Saying almost nothing (missed opportunity!)
  2. Disparaging the competition (you look weak and fragile!) 
Salespeople should always be prepared to talk about competitors’ strengths, not weaknesses! Here's why.

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                                    How to Make Better Decisions As a Salesperson
Chip and Dan Heath did it again! In their new book, Decisive, they discuss the "4 Villains of Decision-Making" and what you can do to make sure the villains don't get the best of you. We found the book compelling and we can easily translated it into situations that a typical salesperson encounters in his or her work. If you want to learn how to make better decisions as a salesperson, read on

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