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Dear friends,

Many of you know me through business, TED, prison work or the yoga/bhakti world. I looked through all of my contacts, and hand-selected the people I thought would be interested in receiving this update on my current work.  If I was wrong, please unsubscribe and accept my apologies for the intrusion.  If I was right, please read on!

4 weeks ago, my book, Indivisible: Coming Home to True Connection was published in paperback and on Kindle. The book is part memoir, part travelogue, part social science and part neurobiology. It’s a highly personal story on how we transform anger, loneliness, separation and even violence into more love and more connection – individually and collectively. If you haven’t seen it, here is a release day video about the book and why I wrote it.  With the tone of the political conversation in the past weeks, I'm more convinced than ever that no matter how cool our technologies are, or our ideals, we have to do a better job at being human together.

The ideas in the book have had a warm reception independent of my personal story. Here are some links to recent talks or teachings on topics that build off of things in the book:

The Art & Practice of Connection. I've done several hour-long format audio and video programs interviews on this topic, which is a much more personal how-to derived from years of traveling and talking to strangers. This one is hosted by the lovely Becky Robinson, with 100 enthusiastic online participants - I especially enjoyed the questions they sent after the talk.
Technologies of Hate, Technologies of Connection. On the more futurist and technology side, I did a short talk at the Long Now member summit in San Francisco. I loved this audience's enthusiasm for reeimagining the future. My talk was on the mandate to rethink our acceptance of violence. This work contains the seeds of the project efforts of our non-profit, the Institute for Non-Violent Evolution. 
Overcoming Loneliness. This is a more detailed prescriptive piece, originally written for for New Age Journal.
Parental Verbal Abuse and the BrainThis is a widely-shared piece on new neuroscience findings that show parental verbal abuse is a damaging to kids brains as non-familial sexual abuse.

If you’re interested in supporting a wider conversation on how we come home to our true, deep connection- or supporting my work as an author and activist in moving from anger and violence to more civil, loving, connected culture- here are some things you can do:

• Buy the book, or leave a review: If you haven’t purchased the book yet, you know you’re going to need some reading for your holiday travels! Come along with me on this inquiry! Please consider buying your copy on Amazon.  If you have purchased the book, and enjoyed it, would you consider writing an Amazon or Goodreads review?
Join our Facebook page: There is new content and conversation on the topics in the book, applied to real life situations, almost daily.
Invite me to your city: I’m open for salons, book signings, dinners, workshops.  You can take a look at the book's Press Kit, and drop me a note ( we’ll work something out. My sessions are highly interactive, not just a reading and Q&A.
Participate in events and conversations on Putting Connection FirstIn early November, I’ll be doing a few radio programs, and for San Francisco Bay area locals, OCSC in Berkeley, CA is hosting a special election night program– what better topic than Indivisible in this divisive election season?

I appreciate you, and your interest in these ideas. I’ll send digest messages out every two weeks, with conversations, events and articles on creating more connection in the self, family, community and culture at large. Separation, I believe, is at the heart of all of our suffering, and we can do something about it.

To more connected living,


Christine Marie Mason
Author, Indivisible: Coming Home to True Connection
Founder, Now Labs, Inc.
Editor in Chief, Enter, on Innovation & Applied Inquiry
Board Member & Volunteer, Insight-Out Prison Project

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Reviews for Indivisible

“If you are a human, if you wonder about what our modern world does to our minds and souls, if you wonder about an answer for violence not only in our society but ourselves, this book is for you….. She writes with a unique style which manages to be precise and dreamy at once, conversational and easy while exploring enormous and otherwise daunting concepts...A terrific debut work.”

“Think On the Road but with a gorgeous female protagonist. This book is a truly great read. It inspired me in so many ways, to travel, to adventure, to be a better human being. I am not a sheltered person, but parts of this books truly shocked me; the author is incredibly brave and self-reflective, and not afraid to experiment, look at flaws (internal and external) and to grow. There is certainly a positive message in this book but its not a "feel good" story. It has guts.”

“Her journey is about self love, community, human connectivity, and mindfulness. Indivisible reminds us that life’s experiences enable us to grow and understand our place in the world.”
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