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March Into May!

FolkCast's second annual celebration of the season of Spring, as told in music, rhyme and verse, is out now. Come on, let's set out now on a journey from the death of Old Man Winter to the dawning of a new summer ... on the way we'll visit April and Easter as we March Into May! 

Music by: Charlie Chaplin - Paul McGladdery - The Webb Sisters - John Kirkpatrick -  Becky Mills - Blue Rose Code - John Rutter & The Cambridge Singers - Suburban Tribe - George Breakfast - Martin Simpson - Skylark Song - Maddy Prior - The Watersons - Christy Moore - Ange Hardy - Ashley Hutchings - Tom Lehrer - Emmett Doyle - Rosa Rebecka - Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston - James Bell - The Morris On Band - Hunter's Moon Morris - Triangle - Oysterband. Poetry and prose by: Ian Bland - Robert Frost - Dogman (aka David Sands) - Bill Hicks - PG Wodehouse - Ewan MacColl - Cecil Sharp - Phil Widdows
Click here to go to the ShowNotes page for March Into May.


NEW: April's Podcast is out now

Politics leads to tickling, which leads to happiness. The break of day leads to a terrible mining disaster. We go to sea, meet three ghosts, are taken as slaves by moorish pirates and finally go cuckoo. It's all in this episode of FolkCast - the show that breaks the rules!
Featuring music by: Pete Morton - Sydney Carter - House Of Hats -  The Jones Boys - Billy Brown - Peter Lacey - Adrian Nation - Martin Carthy - 
Brasy - Will Pound - Hughie Jones - Russell Cottier - Luke Jackson - Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - Little Johnny England - DeMalebysse
Click here to go to the ShowNotes page for FolkCast 095

Coming Soon!

Spring is here, and summer will not be far behind. Here at FolkCast we're already busy compiling songs and poems about the sizzlin' season to include in our summer special. So, if you have an original, self-penned song about those lazy, hazy, crazy days of sitting in the sun, long days, warm nights, open doors and good times, send it along. We are also seeking short poems on the subject - if you're a poet, get in touch! Do it now! And definitely do it by May 1st. The show will be released in mid-May 2014.
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That's all for now. Remember - Keep Focused On FolkCast!

Bye byyyyyye
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