November 2018

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If you are a regular listener to our podcast then I’m sure you’ll know that we’ve had a bit of a shake-up on the show recently. We have not changed the kind of music that we play, but we have changed how we choose it. The “Randomizer” revolution has arrived and it has been a big success!

A lot has changed in the (almost) 13 years that FolkCast has been sending collections of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music out around the world. There are now many more outlets for “our kind of music”, with the internet teaming with podcasts, radio shows, playlists and mixes, all doing pretty much the same thing: someone picking what they think are the “best” songs and presenting them to anyone who wants to listen. That’s fine – but this “gatekeeper” mentality does mean that a lot of music never gets the chance to be heard. 

The FolkCast Randomizer changes that! Now any music that is sent to us has an equal chance of being featured on the show, because the playlist is literally chosen at random, as the show is recorded. Even I don’t know what’s going to come up next, and that makes for an eclectic, exciting and entertaining mix. 

If you haven’t listened to FolkCast in a while, now’s the time to stick our digits back in your ears. You never know what you’ll hear next! You can download or play the latest shows from the archive now. And, of course, if you are a subscriber to the podcast those shows will be waiting for you next time you refresh the podcatcher on your computer, tablet or phone.


While our regular shows are embracing randomness, our annual Selection Box is the exact opposite. Our highly popular special show all about mid-winter, Yuletide and Christmas carefully selects rare musical treats and packages them into a deliciously satisfying giftbox of goodies. 

So, I’m delighted to declare that we are now inviting submissions for the 2018 FolkCast Selection Box! 

We want new, original music, poetry and prose that celebrates the best that the season has to offer. And we’re happy to hear new takes on old favourites, too. 

The Selection Box rejects trendy cynicism about Christmas and instead celebrates it as a vibrant time of light, warmth and love; an oasis of fun, joy and happy traditions in what can seem to be a dark and cold world. It has become a firm favourite with FolkCasters all around the globe, with many playing the shows every year, so that the songs and stories come to feel like old friends dropping by for a visit. 

If you want to be part of that, and have music, poetry or any other contribution you would like to make to the show, please get in touch by emailing as soon as possible. Please mention “Selection Box 2018” in the subject line. Deadline for submissions is Saturday December 8th 2018.


Putting the podcast together takes time, energy and a little bit of cash. We happily donate our time and energy, but would appreciate your help in paying our bills. The year’s biggest bills – for our PRS podcasting licence and for our webhosting fees – are due now. Please help to keep FolkCast rolling along by donating.

There are two ways to do this: 
  • PAYPAL allows you to send a one-off donation, or set up a monthly donation. 
  • At our new PATREON page you can become a regular subscriber and get early access to our latest podcast releases!

If you can’t manage to help at this time, I totally understand. But if you can help the music to keep flowing, THANK YOU!

Our next new show will be with you very soon, so make sure you follow FolkCast at Twitter or Facebook, or keep an eye on our website, for the very latest news. Until the next time...

Fare thee well,

'Folkie Phil' Widdows

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