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 FolkCast 100 is coming - be part of it! 

FolkCast 099 has just been released, with lots of good things coming in threes. There are 3 Bright Lights, 3 solo ladies, 3 solo chaps, 3 great bands, and 3 new takes on traditional songs. Of course, there's only one Babba, but he is doing Part 2 of his American Civil War Story Behind The Song, and One Babba plus Two Parts equals Three! It all adds up to another wonderfully eclectic mix of the latest sounds from the Folkosphere.


That means that FolkCast 100 will be here at the end of August â€¦ and I'm inviting YOU to be part of it!

As a dedicated FolkCaster you must have heard many of our shows, maybe right back to the first edition, which emerged blinking into the light in January 2006. Maybe you were turned on to a new-to-you singer or band? Maybe there was someone who you really loved the sound of and want to hear more? Let me know all about it and I'll try to include your selected artist/s in FolkCast 100! 


To get involved, simply send an email to  with the subject "FolkCast 100", naming your nominated artist/s for the show. Remember to include your name and roughly where in the world you are. And if you've been a longterm listener or have just discovered us, let us know that, too! 


You can even record your message, using your computer or smartphone, and send the recording with your email as an attachment. Then I can play your voice message introducing your favourite! Keep it to less than a minute, please, and remember to include your name and location. The deadline for all FolkCast 100 nominations is Sunday August 24th, and the show will be released a week later.


Also coming soon will the Autumn Crackler for 2014 - the latest in our seasonal specials, a soundtrack for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. If you are a musician (or if you know of any) with a suitable song all about the beauties (or otherwise!) of Autumn or Fall, send it along via to and it'll be considered for inclusion in this special show.


Oh, and you might want to start thinking about recording your festive song for our Winter/Christmas special, the Seasonal Selection Box, at the end of the year. Too soon? Don't you believe it! It'll be here before you know it.


Thanks. Keep Focused on FolkCast, and...


Bye Byyyyyeeeeeee!


Pholkie Phil

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