Sunshine Health Care Center wishes you a great October by offering special introductory pricing on new Naturopathic Services.
Serving the West Valley in Peoria, AZ
Adrenal Stress Testing Now Available at Sunshine Health Care Center

Hydrotherapy hot and cold towels

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy utilizes simple applications of hot and cold along with gentle sine wave stimulation for treatment of a wide range of illnesses. Special introductory price of $30*.

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TMJ Syndrome

Do You Suffer From TMJ?

Grinding, popping, clicking, clenching, pain, headaches… TMJ syndrome can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms, but there is no reason to suffer. Special introductory treatment price of $40*.

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Gem Acupuncture

Gemstone Acupuncture

Gemstone Acupuncture is a non-needling technique in which medicinal-quality gemstones are applied utilizing a combination of Chinese medicine and gemstone energy medicine theories. Special introductory price of $40*.

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Childhood vaccination choices

To Vaccinate or Not?

There is concern, and sometimes fear, about whether or not to vaccinate your child. Good choices about vaccinations, like all good choices, require education and informed decisions.

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* Introductory prices valid until Novemember 15, 2012.


October or November Birthday?

Remember to come in for a Free Vitamin B-12 Shot if your birthday is within the current month!

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