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The first Buy-to-Unglue eBook is here, and it's a good one.

Lagos_2060 is a collection of science fiction stories that imagine what the city of Lagos will be like in the year 2060, 100 years after independence. Amanda has a review on our blog.

Unlike our previous crowd funding campaigns, you can buy this ebook and immediately download and read it. If enough people buy the book, it becomes free to the world with a Creative Commons License. Every purchase makes the effective date of the Creative Commons license come sooner for everyone.

Libraries can buy the book, and lend it to their users by participating as unglue.it libraries. All with no restrictive DRM. Users can buy additional copies for their libraries, too. See https://unlue.it/libraries/ 

In the year 2060 Lagos_2060 will be free under a Creative Commons license. Maybe millions of people will read it and be astonished that back in 2014, other ebooks didn't unglue when you bought them.
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