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Italian Christmas Ornaments

Buona Natale!

Merry Christmas! Wouldn't this glass-cannoli Christmas ornament look delicious on your tree? We have a wonderful selection of glass Christmas ornaments in stock at FGpizza, including cannoli, an Italian flag, a red-ripe tomato, a cute little head of garlic and a petite little eggplant. And what Christmas tree would be complete without a glittering-wedge of parmagiano?  The French baguette is back by popular demand - Last but not least, we have the pizza slice and the very impressive pizza box ornament.  Check them out on our Gifts page.
Italian Foods & Gifts

Italian & Baking Supplies

And so much more! We have some creative sampling kits on our Supplies Page. Pick your favorite. Our LaValle San Marzano tomatoes, are very popular as well as our FIVE & FIVE pack - which contains 5, 29-ounce cans of DOP San Marzano tomatoes and 5 kilos of Antimo Caputo tipo "00" flour.  FGpizza is also carrying Active and Instant Dry yeast for all of you bread bakers out there.  While the Calabrese peppers will add a smoky-hot goodness to just about anything, you may want to try a little bit of this, and a little bit of that with our variety pack.

Pizza -  Made Easy

Creative Solutions : Keep your toppings fresh, clean and at your reach. Our iced pizza topping holder (pictured above) is counter-friendly and helps you stay organized and sanitary. And creatively speaking, the most all-in-one item we have is our pizza cutting board and peel.  You can use it for making bread or pizza ... cutting or slcing.  It's really a very versitle piece of equipment. One can use it to slide your pizza or bread into the oven, use it to retrieve out of the oven, and then cut your food right on the board!  If you have limited space, this is the cool all-in-one tool. Check out the video and see it for yourself.

Agatha, Rose, with a little bit of Pina.

Frankie G's love of family and Italian cooking:
     My Sicilian grandmother, Agatha Cardinale, gave me my first love for cooking.  She made simple meals, full of flavor and love. It started when I was 16 years old and it was my turn to drive my grandmother to her doctor visits.  She would always invite me to dinner and make the most wonderful food. I can still remember the aroma of her home while her sauce was simmering. Nana showed me "how" to cook not just how to duplicate a recipe. She gave me my love for eggplant, stewed meats and pasta with olive oil and garlic as a base. The picture to the right is Agatha and I shelling spring fava beans. Natalia and I still plant them every year.
     It was then when I started to pay attention, and looked inside my own home.  My mother (Agatha's daughter), Rose, had the knack for going to an empty refrigerator or cupboard and come out with a banquet.  Mom cooked without thinking... she was a natural cook. Soups, pastas, roasted meats....  and her cioppino - she made the BEST! Mom taught me to cook and entertain for family. Al' Famiglia! To prepare and share a meal with family and friends, for me, is as good as it gets.
     With a different approach, I looked toward my great aunt, Josephine Cardinale (Agatha's Sister-in-law, "Pina").  Auntie Pina and her husband Tom (Geatano), had a bakery in Pittsburg Ca, named, Cardinale Bakery. They baked a wonderful, sesame-seeded torpedo loaf that introduced Italian bread to the community. 
Wood Fired Oven Tools

Woodfired Oven Tools

The job is easier with the right tool: If you have a woodfired oven, let FGpizza help you make the most out of it. We stock a variety of Italan pizza peels, and take the care to combine items for attractive shipping. Our wooden peels are made in America to FGpizza specifications, out of north-American hard wood. They are light, durable and very manageable. Our oven thermometer is a 2-in-one tool. It not only measures the heat of your oven walls with a laser, it also has a probe to insure cooking temperature on food. Check out our Oven Tools page.
Artisan Bread Tools and Supplies

Bread Baking Tools

German brotforms and more : Do you use brotforms when you bake bread?  The loaves pictured above are a Tartine recipe that I baked in my woodfired oven.  I proof them overnight in these wonderful German Brotformen. Using baskets allow the baker to easily transport the dough while rising. They also apply such a wonderful flour design to the finished loaf. If forming loaves are your style, you may want to consider our baguette package, or our baker's apprentice package.  Both including a fabric couche a lame, and my favorite tool - the Danish Dough Whisk.
Pizza Party Lights

Just For Fun

Lots of fun stuff here: Light up your next pizza party, and show your pizza pride with these cool pizza party lights! 10 slices of pizza are in line together to light up your backyard, your oven, or your Christmas tree. And speaking of Christmas tree, don't stop at the lights! Fill up your tree with our glass pizza slice ornaments. With each slice, you will see the detail of olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms with glittering decor. We have scratch and sniff pizza stickers, and pizza oven mitts. Yep, you heard right, scratch and sniff pizza stickers.  Our Gifts page has them all.

     While mom and nana cooked Italian instinctively, Auntie Pina mentored me in Italian heritage and why the food was made the way it was. My uncle and her owned, Cardinale Bakery, and made delicious-crusty bread and focaccia in a huge brick oven.  I still have his original peel hanging in my home. Auntie Pina made the best cannoli, taught me to enjoy Italian aperitifs, and played wonderful classical music on piano.
     My love for family, food, and Italian culture is continued with my own family. Gail and I love to have our family and friends over for meals and Natalia is right on track with us. She loves it.  We truly appreciate our life, and we are very appreciative that we can operate, FG pizza & Italian, as a tool to help fund our daughter's education.  
     We thank you for your business, and we appreciate your support.
Timpano the pasta filled drum of Italy

Got Timpano?

The wonderful pasta drum from the movie "Big Night" by Stanley Tucci.

How-To Videos

Our free gifts to you: We love our customers. When you ask - we try to deliver. Many of you have asked for pizza stretching techniques and cooking advice so we made a few How-To videos that we hope you find helpful. The videos include: Pizza-Frankie G style, How to use a brick oven by fire and flame, and how to fire an oven for baking bread.  There are more to come, and we keep taking the suggestions. Let us know how you like them by commenting on our facebook page.
Pizza, Frankie G style
How to stretch a pizza - Frankie G style
Bread Baking in a woodfired oven
Roasted Bell Peppers in a woodfired oven
Roasted Organic Chicken under brick in a woodfired oven
Frankie G's Focaccia Trio

WFO Cooking

Free step-by-step instruction: When one understands how to cook in their woodfired oven, it opens new thoughts and ideas - that nothing is impossible!  Thanks to the wonderful book by Jim Wills, and a lot of trial and error, we have put together a collection of cooking videos to help you understand how to better cook in your woodfired oven. It's just a start, but we have included recipes for, Zucchini Flower Pizza, Roasted Bell Peppers, Woodfired Roasted Cauliflower, Chicken Under Brick, Stuffed Zucchini, and Frankie G's Focaccia Trio.  

Pallino, Oilera!

We have the professional tools you'll adore: American & Italian oven tools for the true pizzaiola.  We have Italian-made pallino pizza turners that we affectionately call "banjo peels." And have you been looking for the traditional oil cans of Italy?  We've got them, check out our oileras. Brushes, rakes, shovels - get all three in our al'Forno pacchetto. In keeping with our mission, we have just developed a high-quality, American-made oven brush.  100% American and 100% quality. It could quite possibly be the last brush you buy.  Also, If you are looking for an oven vacuum, we have one with a special 3-foot nozzle for easy clean-out of your hearth.
FGpizza made easy
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