RocketGeek WP-Members October Update - better late than never ;-)
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WP-Members 2.9.0 Beta Release

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Well... a lot has been going on at since my last email update.  There have been some updates to the several extensions (and the inclusion of at least one new one - logged in menus).  You also may notice the addition of a new downloads page with more information on the release, including the date of last update.  New (and hopefully better) documentation is now available on the extensions as well.

And yes, I am working on inclusion of automatic updates for the extensions. I'll be incorporating that into future updates as they come.

Speaking of updates, that is the purpose of today's email.  I am ready to release WP-Members 2.9.0.  This version has been in the works for quite some time.  I started the build early last fall.  It has taken some time to get everything up to the point where the package is really ready because I have incorporated a number of new features that required some major code overhaul in a few places.

New Form Building Functions

The most exciting thing about this release is the new form building functions.  You may have already seen on the site that the functions themselves were available as pluggable functions for testing.  

There are many new filters in the form building process.  What this means is that the sections of the form can be filtered as it is being built.  That means you don't have to wait for the form to be built and then do some complicated code gymnastics to str_replace one string.

I have tried to make things functional for those of you who have some good design skills. I honestly have been blown away by some of the custom forms I have seen some users put together with the plugin up to this point.  I can't wait to see what is in store now that you can get more control.

All forms will have defaults that can be changed before the form is even built, so if you want a div wrapper for the entire row - you got it!  You want to remove the wrapper around the input tags - done.  You want to filter a single specific row's tag directly without filtering the entire form - can do.

Now, I understand that from the non-coders side of things, you rely on code snippets for customization.  So out of the gate, I am pretty sure that unless you already know how to hook into WP arguments, there will need to be more detail to get you as excited as I am.  Rest assured, that is coming.  Once this version is out in the wild, I'll be going back and re-doing a lot of the examples in the code snippet library.  Trust me when I tell you the new examples will deliver the same results with less effort.

Speaking of delivering the same results...

Some of you might test the beta and say, "I don't see the difference."  That, my friend, is a good thing; especially if you already have custom filters on the login or registration forms.  Where possible, I have tried to keep the output as close to the original as possible.  Seamless updates is my motto.

HOWEVER, I must caution you that even when this is out as the full production release, you MUST remember that you should test the update first, before you load it on a production site - especially if that site is your business.

You should be able to roll back if something goes wrong, but seriously, site management best practices dictate that you not blindly update any plugin on your productions site without testing first.

For those of you with complicated filters and you want to test to be sure this is going to work, the form functions are pluggable, so you can load a pluggable file to test and roll back without touching the original plugin.  That's pretty cool in my book.

Beta Release Information and Downloads

Give yourself a marketing edge

If you also follow my personal blog, you know that I have been writing lately on Content Marketing Strategy.  I firmly believe that with the new Google search algorithms, the old SEO of link baiting and keyword stuffing is dead and those of use who have been actually trying to write useful content will benefit.

In that area, I have been recommending Copyblogger Media's Scribe product.  I don't very often say something is a "must-have" product.  But I do feel that way about Scribe.  In the three months that I have been using it, I have seen direct and dramatic results.

It is not cheap.  But I did find real return on investment.  For those of you that might find the cost to high or even unreachable, let me say that you should at least check out Brian Clark's 4 free ebooks on content marketing.  I found these to be useful even without Scribe.

Here are some posts I have put up on both Scribe and the free ebooks.  There is information in these posts on how to get Scribe and how to get the 4 ebooks free.

That's all for now

Thanks for your support!  And in case you missed it, here's the link again for the beta release:

Beta Release Information and Downloads

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