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Right pieces, wrong order

Monetising content on the web is a tricky business - ask any old-school newspaper -  One service trying to solve this tricky  problem is Flattr. It's a micropayment service that allows you to add a button to your web page. Other members of Flattr can then choose to "Flattr" you and donate a little bit of money for your work.

It's a smart idea, but it's not really taking off in the way that it could and should. All the jigsaw pieces of something successful are there, they're just still jumbled up in the box.

Harry Brignull on 90 percent of everything wrote an excellent article about the sign up process and it's shortcomings. The comments below the post highlight further problems and offer additional solutions.

Flattr need to revisit their user acquisition strategy as well as their sign-up process and dashboard - the rest of my advice is to them straight forward: Make things as simple as possible. Don't be afraid to change things. Test. Tweak. Measure.

Introduction to intranets

Despite lots of blogs and literature being available about intranets, a number of the printed books are a quite old or aimed at intranet specialists. What about those people wanting to know what an intranet is? what it can do for an organisation? what it entails?

A few weeks ago in a post on his blog, Kristian Norling voiced the idea of writing such a book collaboratively. Within a few days a number of internationally known intranet experts and authors had commented on the post. A number of them even indicated their willingness to help create the book.

I'm pleased and excited to be part of the project - are you interested in joining in? Head over to the wiki and get started!

Time on page?

Do you pay attention to "time on page" in your analytics reports? Is keeping people as long as possible on a page a goal of your site? It's not normally. Normally the goal with a page is the next step - to get visitors to do something whilst or after they've done what they have to do on the current page.

Another thing worth bearing in mind about "time on page" is that it can only be calculated when the page in question wasn't an exit page - that is, your visitor needs to have visited at least one more page after the page in question. 1-page visits get 0:00:00. Similarly, a "visit length" is the total number of pages viewed that visit minus 1.

So be careful with time on page and length of visit. These statistics, like many others, are really what you may think they are.



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