PLUS: More U.S. jobs than coal, oil, and gas extraction combined? You bet. 


Courting Donald Trump with a real American success story, mining for sunshine and getting a clear view of China's geothermal potential. 

Sparks Fly graphic, the Economist.


Electric cars prepare for blast off

Technological leaps and new rules to curb carbon pollution have electric vehicles positioned for even faster growth than anticipated, the Economist reports

Automakers and financial institutions are bumping up their predictions for electric vehicle sales. Formerly expecting EVs to make up some four per cent of vehicles sold worldwide by 2025, industry watchers now say EV sales could double that number in the same time frame as production kicks into high gear.

The shift has some automakers worried, while others are moving quickly to adapt and profit from the rise in EV optimism. "Getting ready for an electric race will be painful," the article states, "but missing it altogether would be disastrous."

Renewable energy "tipping point" within reach

A new report from McKinsey Global Institute says the "tipping point" for renewable energy is near. In fact, we may reach it in less than a decade thanks to new technology, plummeting costs, and breakthroughs in how resources are developed and used.

Donald Trump may need a new hat

Scratch the campaign slogan: America is already great, thanks to clean energy. That's the message a bipartisan group of governors delivered to the Trump administration, along with a request for more clean energy development—and the jobs and dollars it brings. 

U.S. solar shatters annual records  

America's solar energy producers installed nearly twice as much capacity in 2016 than in the year before, new data shows. The industry also broke ground as the top source of new electricity generating capacity last year—beating out natural gas, coal and wind power.  

All hail the mighty Bolt 

You don't need to be a clean energy maven to get on board with this. You do, however, need to be in L.A. to take one of GM's new Bolt EV sedans across town as part of the city's Maven car-share and Lyft ride-hailing services.  

Has India built its last coal plant?

"India’s power sector could be coal-free by 2050." You read that right—the world's fastest-growing emitter may be done building coal-fired power plants, the Energy and Resources Institute says. That's if India adopts strong policies and renewable energy trends continue. 

China sees smogless cities in its future

Sinopec, a state-owned energy company, is digging deep for a solution to the smoke that chokes activity in many of China's urban centres. China is looking to swap some coal-fired heating with geothermal energy in an effort to clear the air in 20 cities by 2020. 

Old mine site shines as solar farm

Electricity wasn't the only thing generated in the first year of operations at B.C.'s SunMine. The community-owned solar project—the first to feed power back into the provincial grid—also generated a net profit in its first year, sparking interest from prospective investors. 
SolarMine video - Green Energy Futures
Get a closer look at the SunMine in Kimberley, B.C., with Green Energy Futures. 

The evolution of the office building

A development partnership in Waterloo, Ontario, is pushing the limits of office-building sustainability with a project they hope sets a new bar for future development. Construction begins in April on the Evolv1 building, which aims to produce more energy than it uses. 

Think you know lithium? Take another look

Lithium is one of the core components of EV batteries, but did you know it's also the lightest metal on the periodic table? Or that Chile is the world's largest lithium producer? This infographic from Visual Capitalist illustrates these must-know nuggets and more. 
Lithium Infographic from Visual Capitalist
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Technological shift infographic: McKinsey&Company
SolarMine video: Green Energy Futures
Lithium infographic: Visual Capitalist
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