Why the conditions are right for an 'EV explosion', a simple solution to high gas prices, and why the world should put September 20 in its diary


Canada's missing energy story

In the words of Maclean’s columnist Tabatha Southey, last week we released a “barn burner of a report” about Canada’s clean energy sector.

The report was produced from original research by Clean Energy Canada and Navius Research. What we found was pretty exciting. The clean energy sector employs 300,000 Canadians from coast to coast, roughly equivalent to the real estate sector. The sector is also growing 5% a year—a third more than the Canadian average. But until last week, no one was talking about it. As one article put it, the overlooked sector is an “economic powerhouse.” 

The great thing about the sector, as we wrote in an op-ed in the Globe and Mail, is “it spans many industries – electricity, efficient buildings, clean vehicles – and unlike some sectors is spread across the country. It isn’t tied to the regional identity of any one province.” So let’s start celebrating our thriving clean energy sector. Because it’s not just a futuristic concept—it’s already here, it’s big, and it’s everywhere.

When we talk energy in Canada, we're missing half the picture

Ministers descend on Vancouver

This week, Vancouver will host the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial, where governments, industries, and NGOs from around the world will gather to discuss all things clean energy. Clean Energy Canada will be there throughout and will be hosting a “Drive to Zero” workshop on Tuesday to talk about how we can electrify not just cars but buses, equipment, and more. 

Another solution to high gas prices

As seems to happen on a near-annual basis, the price at the pump is in the news again. But there is a gas-price-busting, climate-fighting solution staring us in the face: more fuel efficient cars. Read my colleagues’ op-ed in the National Observer to find out why fuel efficiency regulations are a no-brainer.  

Or you could get an EV

For many, greater wallet relief can be sought by skipping the gas pump altogether and going electric. In fact, one economist has predicted that EV rebates and high gas prices are the perfect kindling to spark an EV “explosion” in B.C.  Now that’s my kind of explosion.

Dying from climate change in Canada 

A new piece by the Toronto Star explores the devastating impact of last summer’s heat waves in Montreal in a way that is simultaneously harrowing and highly informative. In fact, the whole series by the StarCanada’s changing climate,” is phenomenal. This is what journalism should look like in 2019.

Germany to get a (Canadian) hydrogen train

Ever heard the term dieselization? It was used to describe the transition from steam trains to diesel trains. Well, progress marches on, and now the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered trains (hydrogenization?) is to be propelled by kick-ass Canadian tech. Mississauga-based Hydrogenics is supplying the fuel cells for the German trains. 

Alberta gets hydrogen-powered trucks 

“Hydrogenization” (so to speak) is also coming to Alberta’s heavy-duty trucks. The Alberta Motor Transport Association is testing two 64-tonne hybrid trucks with hydrogen fuel cells, which will move freight year-round between Edmonton and Calgary.

Energy Efficiency could be staying in Alberta

Despite the Albertan United Conservative Party’s campaign promise to scrap it, Energy Efficiency Alberta might live to fight another day (or perhaps die a slower death). A spokesperson for environment minister Jason Nixon said they will review each of its programs individually before deciding whether to keep them. 

A tough shareholder meeting for BP

99% of BP’s shareholders passed a resolution last week for more transparency over the company's alignment with the Paris climate accord. In fact, the oil giant is following the same investor-driven trend towards greater climate responsibility as many other oil producers after it received a “very public grilling” last week. 

Youth showed us the way. Now it’s our turn

Following on from another successful “Fridays for Future” protest last Friday, Greta Thunberg has decided it’s time for the rest of the world to join in too—in the form of a worldwide strike: “Together, on 20 September, we can unleash mass resistance.”

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