New Attending Chiropractor at Bayside Chiropractic.

Bayside Chiropractic Mission:

To provied the best possible Drug Free, Non-Surgical solutions for musculoskeletal injuries and optimal physical health.
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Welcome to the first edition of the monthly newsletter from Bayside Chiropractic!  My goals in producing this communication are to keep you up to date with events happening here at the clinic and to provide tips on healthy living.  I hope you will find this newsletter informative and possibly even entertaining.


The most significant current event at Bayside is that you are receiving this message from myself, Dr. John White instead of Dr. Andrew Chin.  At the beginning of April Dr. Chin made the decision to leave Bayside in pursuit of family and personal goals.  On March 1st, I had the privilege of taking over patient care and direction of the clinic.
Also new to the clinic is our wonderful receptionist, Katie Cook.  She is the friendly voice at this end of the phone and the smiling face that greets you upon your arrival.  If you have not already done so, please introduce yourself next time you are in or say hello over the phone.

A New Look

If you have visited the clinic within the last month you will have noticed we are giving it a face-lift with new paint and some new styling.  My hope is that you will find Bayside a warm, friendly, comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and allow us to guide you toward optimal health.

July’s Health Tip – Sun Protection

As I sit here under the cover of yet another rainy, overcast July Day, I’m desperately lusting for the sun to make a rare appearance.  It’s funny how short our memories are in this city.  It seems to take only a few hours of an unobstructed view of that mysterious fireball in the sky to make us forgive Mother Nature for the previous 10 months of rain and cloud that can leave many of us lethargic and pale.  One severe consequence of our short Vancouverite memories is that we tend to forget that fireball can quickly deliver the toasted-lobster look we all know and love if we don’t take proper precautions.  For sensitive skin types, it can take as little as 20 minutes to acquire an uncomforatable sunburn.  But more importantly, prolonged exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun will accelerate the skin’s aging process and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.  To avoid the orange leathery look of sun over-exposure and to reduce your risk of skin cancer I encourage you to practice safe sunning.  As recommended by the Canadian Dermatology Association, you should follow these practices:
  • Reduce your exposure to sun between the hours of 11am and 4pm
  • Apply a broad spectrum (protection of UVA and UVB) sunscreen and lip balm of SPF 30 or greater
  • Wear a broad brimmed hat
  • Cover as much skin as possible with clothing
  • Wear sunglasses
Summer is an exciting time in Vancouver with lots of outdoor activities to be involved in.  I hope you will take advantage of the warmer weather by getting active and enjoying this beautiful city.

John White B.Sc., D.C.
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