SLIDE NIGHTS Vol IV ft international guest
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The fourth edition of PCP's Slide Nights will be held next week!

With local artists Olga Cironis, Tarsh Bates and Katie West as well as visiting international artist Vincent Fournier, this edition of Slide Night is the perfect excuse to gather, learn and have fun!

Anyone with an interest in photography is encouraged to come along and participate in what will be a night of engaging discussion and interesting ideas.  

Friday, June 10, 6 - 8pm
$8 Members  | $12 Non Members (Includes one FREE drink)
Delicious home made mild chilli sin carne and tortilla chips will be available
Perth Centre for Photography, 18 Colin Street, West Perth

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Presenting Artists
Vincent Fournier | Tarsh Bates | Olga Cironis | Vincent Fournier  | Katie West  

International guest Vincent Fournier was born in 1970 and lives in Paris. After graduating with a sociology degree and a Masters in Visual Arts, he obtained a diploma from the National School of Photography in Arles in 1997. His works are regularly exhibited in international galeries and festivals and can be found in many public and private art collections. 'The Post Natural History' project shows the archives of an imagined future caught between memory and projection where science, technology and living organisms have all intersected to create a handful of ultra-developed species with highly technological capabilities. Based on conversations with synthetic biology specialists and presented with the aesthetic of encyclopedic boards these “upcoming living species” are familiar yet strange. Indeed, we "know" the rabbit or the lizard, but upon closer inspection, we realize certain differences. Just like the bestiaries of origin from the Middle Age that were mixing the fantastic with the real, this imaginary archive is a mirror for our hope, fear, and phantasms about the unknown. These surrealistic species are classified by alphabetical order with captions describing their new traits. His inspirations come from old illustrations, painting, poesy, myths and scientific facts.

Tarsh Bates completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours from Murdoch University in 2000 and studied contemporary art at Edith Cowan University between 2003 and 2005. In 2012, she became Master Bates after living in a public art gallery for 3 months with eight other scientific model organisms, exploring the aesthetics of care and alterity. She has worked variously as a pizza delivery driver, a fruit and vegetable stacker, a toilet paper packer, a researcher in compost science and waste management, a honeybee ejaculator, an art gallery invigilator, a raspberry picker, a lecturer/tutor in art/science, art history, gender & technology, and counter realism, an editor, a bookkeeper, a car detailer, and a life drawing model. Tarsh is currently a PhD candidate at SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia, where her research is concerned with the aesthetics of interspecies relationships and the human as a multispecies ecology. She is particularly enamoured with 'Candida albicans'.

Olga Cironis 
is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the murky undertones and impact that history and memory have on personal and shared identity. She examines the notions of belonging in today’s cultural globalisation — in particular, appropriated histories and accepted attitudes on belonging in the Australian cultural and social landscape. Within her work are layers of research, collected stories, muted voices and cultural heritage. Olga’s work is psychologically loaded with meaning, provoking and seducing the viewer, navigating them through history and inviting them to question our social and environmental connections. By engaging viewers to become part of her work, Olga questions the meaning of public and private space, gender and social norms that permeate our accepted actions. Her artistic investigations are founded upon her Greek, Czech and Australian heritage. These aspects are used to engage people beyond the familiar.

Katie West describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist situated in the social sciences. West’s artistic practice is shaped by her family’s experience of the Stolen Generations, studies in sociology and work experience in the area of Indigenous health. Through her work, West explores identity in an Australian context, informed by decolonisation theory and practice.




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IMAGES (top) Â© Vincent Fournier, Flesh Flower -3D print-  (second) Â© Tarsh Bates (third) Â© Olga Cironis  (fourth)  Â© Katie West

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